Lifetime Movie Overload

Even though I’ve been really busy (who isn’t these days?!) it does feel like Christmas is taking it’s time getting here this year. I don’t mind that at all, and to be truthful  I make plenty of the busy-ness for myself by trying to squeeze in lots of fun holiday activities. 🙂

Amidst all the cookie baking and gift wrapping and house decorating I’ve watched a couple, a few, a dozen or so Christmas themed movies on Lifetime. And I just gotta say…some of these movies are totally whack.

I really, really wish I had been keeping a list of all of them…mostly just so I could prove to you that I’m not making the plot lines up. Here’s a little synopsis of some of them:

*Santa’s son looking for a wife so that he could take over the Santa gig

*Orphan children…lots of orphan children movies

*Jewish & Christian families mixing & clashing over holiday traditions

*A woman falling in love with a mannequin

*Rich college co-ed falling in love with an angel & helping at a shelter

*An adopted child (who is now a man) looking for information about his birth parents, which he finds in a manger story

*A daughter trying to sabatoge her mom’s Christmas eve wedding

*A musical about dueling Christmas choirs

*A divorce turned homeless mom who gets into real-estate and becomes a squatter in one of the houses she’s trying to sell

*Single man acting as a mall Santa fulfills a little girls Christmas wish by starting to date her Mom

*A seemingly never ending Christmas-themed high school reunion with classmates looking for love in ALL the wrong places

*A freaky Frosty episode that talks about global warming…and even got weirdly inappropriate at times

I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve regretted losing valuable minutes of my life. But overall, it’s been kinda fun.

In a wackadoodle kind of way. *wink*

KEEP CALM & WATCH A LIFETIME MOVIE OR TWO…(it’ll make you feel WAY better about your life!)

P.S. – And speaking of strange, Oriental Trading has some really crazy “Christmas Legend” themed items you can buy…including the “Christmas Donkey” & “Christmas Peacock.” I mean, really?!

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