The big 3-0…with sprinkles on top

Today is my husband’s 30th birthday…and when I woke him up this morning I had to remind him that the sky wasn’t falling. For some reason he’s taking the new decade thing a little hard, which doesn’t bode well for 40…or 50…or 60…or beyond.

So to help do my part, I’ve been trying to keep the weekend light and fun. No big party for us this year…we had a big surprise party for him last year (in combination with his college graduation) and he didn’t want all the fuss. (Probaby didn’t want all the old-man jokes either, as he is pretty much the oldest in our home group and one of the first to hit 30.) We’ve spent the weekend hanging out with friends, eating his favorite foods, and planning new adventures with his birthday presents…a new pair of boots & a Groupon to a new gun range. (He even got to brandish his newest gun during our Christmas photo shoot on Saturday…can’t wait to share those pictures with you!)

I did take his birthday has an opportunity to test out a cupcake idea that I pinned a while back…Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Check out the pics here, get the recipe and learn from my mistakes. (Because let’s be honest here, aren’t there always a few mistakes when I’m testing out a new recipe?!)

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Step 1: Mix up the cake batter…whatever kind you’d like!

Step 2: Pour batter into ice cream cones & set in a muffin tin…bake at whatever temp the recipe calls for.


Step 3: Be careful not to over fill the ice cream cones, or this will happen.


Oops…I actually pulled these out and scraped off all of this mess. It made for a warm cake-like pudding for me to get sick on eat while the cupcakes continued baking.

Step 4: Ice cupcakes (I used a spray can of frosting) then top with ice cream sprinkles to complete the look! Yum!

*I set mine in clear plastic cups to keep them from all tipping over. I also strategically placed them so you wouldn’t see the messed up sides where the batter ran down. It’s all about presentation…or the art of deflection.




In the end, the consensus was that while they looked cute (well, the good sides anyway)…they only tasted so-so. Chris didn’t really like the texture of the ice cream cone…it wasn’t crunchy or soggy…just kind of rubbery. I’m not sure if there is a solution to that particular issue…but if you figure it out let me know! I think these would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party or as a cute “April Fools” joke….easy to make and fun to look at / eat!


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