Thankful…Today & Everyday

Thanksgiving is over. This I know. It’s been over since 8 p.m. on that day, when Black Friday shoppers converged on Wally World and I stripped all the fall decor off of my walls and shelves. Heck, I wouldn’t be suprised if some people didn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving…Christmas music was playing in October after all.

<But I don’t judge. If you had your Christmas stuff up in July, then more power to ya!>

Even so, I didn’t think it would hurt to share a few decor pics from our big Thanksgiving feast.

Table set for 10!

*Love* those little chocolate covered turkeys…they were beautiful & made the perfect addition to the table!

I used adorable little apple cider jars as centerpieces…so sweet and simple!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Chris’ family this year, and had a wonderful time together! Everyone came to our house, but luckily all I had to take care of was the setting up & cleaning up…the other ladies took care of the cooking. Perfect plan for me! In addition to ourselves & Chris’ parents, his sisters & their husbands came, along with my sweet niece & nephew, and Chris’ cousin M. It was a sweet time of talking and eating and playing games and watching magic tricks.

And now December is here and Christmas is upon us…I hope I’ll remember amidst all of the hustle and the bustle to look for all the things I have to be thankful for. Will you join me?


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