Well hello there stranger…


In the last few days or so my fingers have started itching to write again…so I thought I’d drop in and write a little somethin’ somethin’.

It’s been a grand spankin’ 22 days since I last wrote, and A LOT has happened in that amount of time. Nothing overly monumental, though not all things I’m willing to share in a diary that is 100% online and accessible to the entire world wide web. Mostly just the crazy busy-ness that is the life of an elementary teacher / involved church-goer during the start of the holiday season. The last few weeks have been so busy and tiring that I had to start cutting out non-essentials, and journaling (aka – blogging) was one of the first things that had to go.

A few things I didn’t cut out: feeding the husband, feeding the dog…and let’s just be honest here, feeding myself. Come to think of it, maybe I should have cut out some of that “feeding myself” stuff. Ah well – that’s what New Years Resolutions are for, right?!

So with all that cutting, here’s a little peek at what I *have* been up to since I last wrote…

– Running my second 5K…Turkey Trot 2012!

– Hosting Chris’ family for Thanksgiving

– Putting up inside / outside Christmas decor, including making many of my own ornaments…and decorating at the church…and school

– Spending waaaayyyyyy to much money getting ready for the holiday season (You did that too, right? I kind of feel like I need to join a support group or something….)

– Planning how to celebrate the Husby’s upcoming birthday

– Testing out cookie recipes for an upcoming cookie exchange

– Visiting my fam in the hometown for the first time in a couple of months

– Continued Bible studies

– Prepping for / Completing my formal observation at work, in addition to wrapping up a new six weeks and starting another

Among laundry. And dishes. And running. And walking the dog. And all those other life essentials like Facebook and Pinterest.

That’s all for now I guess. Gotta easy my fingers back into this typing business…wouldn’t want my fingers to start cramping up. 😉 Well, that and it is seriously my bed time. I’ve decided I am going to be laying in my bed by no later than 9:15 on school nights from now until Christmas break.

So sweet dreams all. I’ve missed you!


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