Funky Fall Treats

The last time I was at home visiting my parents (which was, by the way, far too long ago) my Mom took me to a trendy new shop that she knew I would love. She was right of course (she knows what I love!) and she even knew just what I would want to buy…these adorable little paper cups! I decided to go with orange stripes & black dots w/ plans to do something for my church friends as a Halloween treat.

Since we were having a brunch yesterday during Sunday School, I decided that it would be the perfect time to hand out my little cups o’ treats. I filled them with a tasty “trash” mix of salty & sweets covered in white chocolate. (I’m not going to lie. I considered keeping it and keeping it all for myself. It’s that yummy.) I made a double batch so I’ve got plenty to hand out to a few of my dear friends, our family here in MW, and some of coworkers at school…fun for everyone!

You’ve still got a few days of tricks and treats…maybe you’ll want to give it a try yourself!

Halloween Trash

What You Need:

*A bag of popped popcorn

*A cup or so of Reese’s Cereal

*Half a cup or so of Candy Corn

*Candy Eyeballs (from the fancy cake decorating section of Wal-Mart)


*8 oz. white chocolate

What To Do:

1. Pop the popcorn

2. Dump all the dry ingrediants in a large bowl (the “or so” means use however much or little you want!)

3. Melt that chocolate, then pour it in and mix everything up

4. Scoop into adorable cups, or leave in the bowl to share with a group of friends


All packaged up and ready to gift!


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