Where in the world?

Boo! Isn’t almost Halloween…got a costume in mind yet? If you’ve known me for long, you probably know that I love a good costume. I wear them all the time in my classroom. I buy them randomly at Goodwill. And I have a closet full of random costume pieces. (You can read about that here…and also here.) And yet, this year, when we were invited to a costume party…I was a bit at a loss for costume ideas. I had plenty for other people, but couldn’t settle on anything for Chris and I. I blame the Kindergarteners for sucking all of my brain energy…little zombies.

So that’s how we found ourselves, less than 24 hours before the party and at 10 o’clock on a work night, running around Wal-Mart trying to find pieces to put together a couple of costumes to transform us in “Where’s Waldo?” and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

Fun costume ideas, right?!

Chris has been wanting to dress up as Waldo for a while now, and I wanted us to have a “couple costume”…so naturally, I had to be Carmen Sandiego. Our costumes were homemade & put together a bit creatively, but we got the point across. Check it out!

So fun! The night of the party we met up with another couple to take pics and ride together. It felt a little prom-y, posing for pictures in front of the fireplace, but I’ve definitely never been to prom with a cowboy & Indian or a karate guy & authentic Japanese beauty. 😉

Chris’ costume was pretty easy to make, just took a long sleeved white shirt, red duct tape, and a Project Runway marathon on tv to inspire me while I taped on the stripes. The beanie hat gave me a bit of trouble, mostly trying to figure out how to do that little pom-pom on the top, but I figured it out. Besides that he wore his regular glasses, jeans, and boots and was good to go!

I had to take a few liberties with mine (Carmen usually wears a red trench coat after all) but I got close enough that all the party guests of my generation recognized who I was. I took a hat that I already had & dyed it red (Chris’ idea…what an adventure that was…our kitchen sink still has a red tint to it!) then added the yellow ribbon. I wore my khaki trench coat w/ a red flower, then bought the yellow scarf and fancy black gloves. All that was left was a pair of sunglasses (which I did indeed wear all night at the party) and a map in my pocket and the costume was complete!

Of course we had to pose for a few silly pictures…this one was my fav! Chris’ goal was to photo-bomb everyone’s pictures all night, but once the party got going people were too busy eating the tasty treats & chatting to take many pictures. He was definitely disappointed that he didn’t get to sneak into more people’s pics. 😉

We had a great time at the party…it was a blast to see everyone’s costumes, and the food was to *die* for! At the end of the night everyone voted on “Best Costume”…and Chris won! Woohoo! He’s already planning on wearing his costume again at our church’s “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween night. We’re thinking that we’ll tell the kids they have to find Waldo in order to get a piece of candy…hehehe!


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One thought on “Where in the world?

  1. Alexis

    Love it! You guys look great!!!!


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