Fall Fashion

Happy Monday!

Something I should have put on my 30 before 30 list was “find the perfect pair of fall boots”…because it’s something I thought would take me until I was 30 to find. 😛 I seriously have been looking for a pair for 3 seasons now, with no luck. For one thing, I don’t want to spend $200+ dollars on a pair of boots (who are we kidding, I can’t even spend $100+ on boots right now). For another, I guess they (meaning boot makers) assume that girls with size 11 feet also have large calves. Not always true. So finding an affordable pair of boots that fits both my feet and my calves has been near impossible.

But alas, my boot woes have been solved! On a recent trip to JCP, I found several pairs of boots that fit the bill…but since I was too impatient to order, I picked the pair that had the color I wanted in stock. They weren’t what I initially thought I was looking for, but it turns out I love them! (You’ll see them in a minute…remember, patience is a virtue!)

After finding the boots, I decided I needed a new pair of pants to wear with the boots…I mean, it only makes sense right?! Since Chris and I have a family photo shoot coming up, I decided to go for a statement piece…colored skinny jeans. Oh yes I did. It took me a few tries, but I found a fun pair of jeans in this coral/rust/orangy/red color that fit (and they are even a size smaller than what I’ve been in!) And then of course I needed a couple of cute shirts to layer as well.


<I couldn’t help myself…it’s been quite a while since shopping for clothes has been fun, and it would appear that I’ve lost a few inches. (Although not much weight really…isn’t it weird, and frustrating, how that works?!) All I can say is…good thing JCP has cheaper prices these days!>

So here’s my new outfit!

I tried and tried to get these photos vertical, but they wouldn’t cooperate…so just turn your head sideways please. 😉 Under the denim shirt is a little sparkle…you know I had to get it in there somewhere!

I had to rock the boots a.s.a.p, so I paired them with a sweet little white lace dress and jean jacket for church. And then I made Chris take a picture of me. You do that too, don’t you?!

I decided to take the pants out for a test drive this past Saturday at my niece’s birthday party. This crazy Texas weather decided to be kind of windy and warm, so I paired it with a tee that I had in the closet with the same reddish-orangey color. It’s near impossible to see us thanks to the sun, but I decided to throw in the pic anyway. Happy birthday A-Bug!

So that’s my fall fashion tips for ya…find a cute pair of tall boots & a fun pair of colored skinny jeans! Yay for fun new clothes!


P.S. – I may have failed to mention that while Chris loves my boots, he hates the pants. As does my brother. Guess guys just don’t get the colored skinny jean thing. 😛

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