Deconstructed Candy Apples

If you are like me, I’m sure your calendar is filling up with lots of spooky opportunities to celebrate Halloween. (And by celebrate, I mean stuff your face with candy and other tasty treats.) After all, ghouls just wanna have fun right?!

Here’s a quick, easy, and relatively cheap idea for witches on the fly. No toad toenails, warlock hairs, or bug eyes needed.

Deconstructed Candy Apples

What you need:

– Sliced apples (pay a little more like I did and you can buy them already sliced!)

– Caramel sauce

– Mini chocolate chips

– Candy Corn

– Mini-marshmallows

– Fun Halloween themed sprinkles

What you do:

Set all the ingrediants out in bowls, or on a fancy serving platter, or on a vampire’s casket and let guests concoct their own creation!

It’s as easy (and as yummy!) as that!

KEEP CALM & EAT HEALTHY THINGS…LIKE caramel drizzled, chocolate sprinkled, marshmallow topped APPLES!

P.S. – In case you are wondering where the “Deconstructed” part in “Deconstructed Candy Apples” comes from…it’s my fancy tv cookin’ show schoolin’ coming out. Basically you take something that everyone is familiar with (like candy apples) and break it down into the different components, which can then be constructed in a new way. Oh yeah. Feelin’ pretty proud of myself for pullin’ that one out! 😉

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