30 Before 30: Attend a High Tea

Hum…maybe I should look over my “30 Before 30” list a little more often…turns out I can mark a couple more things off the list than I initially realized!

Like #4…Attend a High Tea

Turns out I did just that, a few days before school started in August. No pictures of it (bummer!) but it was definitely close enough to the real thing that I can mark this one off of the list.

A dear sweet friend of mine, the one whose husband married Chris and I, is a recently retired teacher who is pretty much the ultimate hostess. She invited a small group of ladies, all teachers (some retired, most still working) to high tea one afternoon. The dress code was casual, but I do wish I would have had the forethought to take a fancy hat.

The table was beautifully set with lace and china and adorable little paper teapot placecards for each lady. After a prayer, we enjoyed 3 courses…little scones and sandwiches and desserts. Of course, there was plenty of hot tea in the tea pot, with creamer and sugar to make it taste just right. (Which is what probably got me started on the hot tea kick I’m on right now…) Of course we partook in ladylike conversation, tried to use our very best manners…and I may or may not have held my pinkie up as I drank my tea.

It was quite lovely.

And I soooo want to do it again. Maybe for my birthday? Valentine’s day for the ladies? Let’s just say…to be continued. *wink*


P.S. – Have I mentioned that if I ever were to open a business (and the odds of that happening are about nilch) it would be a combo children’s book store / party place. Picture the book store from “You’ve Got Mail” with a tea room for little girls parties and forts / teepees in the back for little boys parties. Doesn’t that just sound like so much fun?!

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