I like our classroom and the whole wide world!

The first six weeks of school has come and gone…and it has been my best one yet. I have this sweet, engaging, high group of kids who love to learn and be scientists and giggle and do all the silly things that I like to do everyday. They are so loving and gracious, and their parents have been such an encouragement to me via our class facebook page.

Then there’s me. It’s my 6th year of teaching…and this year has a totally different feel to it.

My first 3 years were a roller coaster; I learned so much about curriculum and kids and my teaching style and how to survive in a high pressure environment. I worked with an incredible staff of teachers and formed friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime, but I felt like I was constantly remaking the wheel.

Then, in an effort to find a more workable environment for the day-to-day, I moved to a new school and new grade level. I found exactly what I was looking for…and I am in a happier place for sure (as is my husband and my home!) That first year of Kinder was a total learning experience, and the second year was one of remembering and tweaking.

Which leads us to this year. Year #3 in the same school, same grade level, w/o a lot of big changes in curriculum…and I truly am starting to feel like a “master teacher.” I know what I want to do with my kids, and more importantly, why I do those things. There’s lots of theory behind the practice, and I have more accurate expectations for where my students should be at different points in the year.

I could get a kid in tomorrow that changes the whole game, but for now, for today…it’s good. It’s really, really good.

And not just for me…check out some of the comments from my kiddos on their “self report card.” Literally made me tear up as I was helping them write their thoughts…

“It’s my best place and I like my teacher. I like the whole class. I like our classroom and the whole wide world.”

“I think school is fun and awesome. We have rockin’ days.”

“School is awesome! I think it’s going to be pretty fun here for the rest of my life.”

“School is fun. It is a good place to learn.”

All I can do is continue to commit my life and work to God, to view my job as my ministry, and to trust in Christ to help me with the many, many needs of my students. He is the one making this year such a good one…and even if it does hit a rough patch, He will still be just as deserving of praise and glory. I thank Him for entering the classroom with me each day.


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One thought on “I like our classroom and the whole wide world!

  1. I LOVE IT! ….and the whole wide world! So cute…


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