Too Blessed to be Stressed

So…this is basically a post saying that I may not be posting for a few days. 😛

I don’t exactly know what I was thinking when I was lesson planning for this week…but I’m thinking my brain was overtaken by a machine or something. Just look at everything I set out to accomplish:

*Apple Taste Testing

*Oobleck (a very messy science experiment about matter)

*Making Play-doh w/ the kids

*Making a class life-size scarecrow

*Pumpkin Observations (including cutting into the pumpkin & exploring the inside)

*Making applesauce as a class in the crock pot (I crossed this one off the list. Ain’t gonna happen.)

*Two days of “Game Play” in which we have parents / volunteers come in to help us learn how to play various board games

*Oh yes, and of course a regular load of math, reading, writing, and science lessons.

And did I mention that since it’s the last week of the six weeks I’m trying to do report card testing? (Which, in Kindergarten, means I have to individually conference with every student?) Yeah. Because I am.

That’s just when the kids are around. During the time before school, during my conference (and my lunch), after school, and into the evenings, I’m working on lesson plans for next week, mapping out curriculum for the next six weeks, prepping new sight word / other necessities for the new six weeks, and getting ready for parent conferences.

Oh yes, and then I have a husband, a dog, a bible study (or 2 or 5 that I’m doing right now), a home, and a 5k that I’m training for.


All that said, it actually sounds worse than it feels. We hit the ground running every day and are getting a lot accomplished. I’m not stressing out about the new six weeks because I know it will get done, and parent conferences should be a breeze this year. My husband is a trooper and is great about helping me out, and the Lord is giving me good rest, the strength to run every step, and renewing me through His word.

Life is good…I’m just running out of time to write these days. 🙂

What about you? Up to much this week?


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