What a deliciously long weekend!

Um. Ummmm. Um. Ummmmmmm.

This past weekend was deliciously, wonderfully long.

Starting Friday evening the rain came in and set in…and it rained all weekend long. Thank you God for the rain!

It was glorious.

Friday evening we enjoyed hanging out with our homegroup (even Huxley got in on the action!) and I called it a night pretty early. Chris even threw Huxley a bone and let him sleep in the bed with us, which was a first ever.

Saturday morning I slept in until about 10 (can I even remember the last time that happened?!) then spent the morning grooming the Huxmeister and cleaning the house. Luckily for me, the husband helps out with the cleaning, even taking the initiative to clean off our ceiling fans. He’s a keeper, for sure. In addition to that, and laundry, and decorating for Halloween…I also took a two hour nap. I even tried to squeeze a run in, but I’m not dedicated enough to run in the rain yet…I didn’t even make it a mile before I called it quits and went to take a warm shower.

Saturday evening the husband and I had intended to go on a date after making a quick Wal-Mart trip, but while at Wal-Mart decided to get everything we would need to have an at-home date night. Pizza, $3 yellow roses, these strange little straws with chocolate balls in them that make your milk taste like cookies n’ creme…what else could you need? We stuffed our faces, watched a couple of episodes of the new season of the Office…and I went to bed early. Again.

Sunday included more napping, church, a 3 mile run, and hanging out with one of my besties while crafting for a bit.

All I can say is…I needed that. I needed every bit of it. (Especially considering what kind of week or two I’ve got coming up. Whoa baby.)

And I’m lovin’ my life.


Maybe it’s all this running that is making me tired…but no rest for the weary. The 5k is on Saturday!

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