Look at my pretties!

Falalalalaaaaaa…happy Monday everyone!

It isn’t quite feelin’ like fall out there these days…which is a bummer…but I’m still feelin’ the fall spirit. Had me a pumpkin spice latte this weekend, spent quality time with my Ma & Pa, and bumped my running time up to 28 minutes. I can make it about 2.5 miles in that time (I told you I was slow…don’t judge me!) so I’ve got a little less than 3 weeks to build it up to just over 3 miles!

Monday’s are kinda hard to get goin’…so I thought I’d share a few pretties with y’all today.

First up…my fall banner! This was the last banner I needed to make…I’ve made a banner/set of banners for every season of this past year, so unless I just want a specialty one, I’ve got all that I’ll need from this point on!

Second…My 2nd BirchBox came in! This one had a yummy smelling perfume, moisturizer, body cream, body tape, hair band, and bright blue nail polish. The polish is definitely a major pop of color, but once I adjusted to the brightness I decided I really like it. It’s a fun color!

Third…my new Union28 shirt! When Chris saw the packaging he was worried that I’d ordered him a “My Wife Rocks” shirt (should that hurt my feelings?). He said it would “dorky” for him to wear one. 😛

He did, however, seem pretty pleased when he saw that it was a shirt for me, and what it said. I think it’s pretty cute personally…very happy with it! And…just in case you happen to be interested in a husband-lovin’ shirt for yourself, they’ve been running awesome specials recently. Check ’em out at http://www.myhusbandrocks.net/.

So that’s all I’ve got for ya…how’d ya like that?! 🙂


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