Freebies? I’m there!

Yesterday afternoon I skipped out of work early (aka – asked my principal for permission to leave after I dismissed my students, which is about 25 minutes earlier than we are usually allowed to leave) and was feelin’ good. The plan was to meet up with my dear friend J and head up to Fort Worth for a teacher-y night on the town. The museum district in FW hosts a night for educators every year, offering free admission, free food, and free “stuff.” *Glorious!*

We had to prioritize our museum order to maximize our time, and did it the best way we saw possible…by ranking them according to their gift shops. 😉 The Cowgirl museum definitely wins that contest. (We did look around the museum as well, no worries!) After that we went over to the Museum of Science & History, which is always cool. Then we walked down to the Amon Carter (they win the best desserts award!) and over to the Kimbell and the Modern.

After gathering a bag full of freebies and taste-testing here and there, we moved the party over to Uncle Julio’s for yummy Mexican food, the patio atmosphere, and great conversation. I always have a good time with J, and yesterday was no exception. Definitely what I’ve been needing.

This has felt like a long week, and I’m so tired…but I’m thankful it is Friday and I’m looking forward to relaxing some this weekend. TGIF!


P.S. – I’ll leave you today with my all-time favorite painting…I *love* it! (Obviously it looks better in person…but from a distance. Lots of color, really chunky paint…so pretty!)

Weeping Willow, by Monet

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