Word Association

Let’s play a game.

What do a hole, a Fuzzy’s taco cup, and a chemical burn have in common?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Me, Myself, and My Awkwardness. That’s what they have in common.

Let me explain…


#1 – The hole

Last week, I geared up for one of my semi-regular evening runs. It was already getting to dark for me to be out really, but by golly…I was going to run! I decided to take a lap around a field near the house, I may not have been paying the most attention…and the next thing I know, I’m twisting my ankle in a hole. I hear a pop, I feel the pain…and I fall to the ground.


I quickly called my Knight in Shining Armor, who drove up to rescue me, carried me into the house, and gave me an ice-pack and meds. He was perfect…even though I just felt silly for having stepped in that stupid hole.

The next morning my ankle was a little sore (especially as I chased Huxley across the neighbors yard at 5:30 in the morning wearing my pajamas and no shoes…but that’s another story) but it worked itself out and I was fine. Just a little bit of a bruised ego I guess.

#2 – A Fuzzy’s Taco Cup

Remember when I said that this past Friday night I went to “The Promise” with the husby and another couple friend of ours? Well, what I failed to mention is that the road leading to Glen Rose is a very windy one…and that, on rare occasions, I get horribly car sick.

This turned out to be one of those times.

I managed to keep it all together (or perhaps in is a better choice of words) on the way there, but it really became a battle for me on the way back. I was deep breathin’ and prayin’ and trying to be good company, but Lord have mercy was I feeling sick.

When we pulled up to their house, I sat still for a few minutes and thought…”Yeah, I’m okay. I’ll be alright.”

And then I got out of the car and realized, “Oh no no no…I am definitely NOT going to be okay.”

So, I walked as far away from the husby and friends as I could, and then I threw up in their yard. Like eight times.


Afterwards my sweet friend brought me a wet paper towel and ice water in a Fuzzy’s taco cup.

And she let me keep the cup. *wink*

#3 – A Chemical Burn

On Sunday morning, the time had come once again to take of the old mustacharoo. I slathered on some of that burn off creme…like nair, but for your face, and waited 5 minutes or so. When I went to rub it off, it didn’t remove all of those pesky mustache hairs.

So, I got a little angry….and rubbed that creme in using a scratchy rag.

Wrong, wrong move.

As soon as I rinsed it off, it started burning. When I took the dog for a walk, it continued burning. When I looked at in the mirror a few minutes later, it was a red, swollen, burning mess. Right above my lip.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a chemical burn.


At this moment, it’s looking more like a weird scab or something, and the skin around it is really dry. From a distance I almost look like I have a big smudge of dirt above my lip or something, but up close you can definitely see that something is up. Luckily for me everyone is being sweet and not asking.



All I’ve gotta say is…I’m so thankful that Jesus and my husband still love me…and aren’t you glad you aren’t me?! 😛


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