Chewin’…Texas Twang for Meditating

Praise Jesus…Praise Jesus…Praise Jesus.

It’s all that keeps running through my mind these days.

As I mentioned in a post I did a few days back about my journey since we joined First Baptist a year ago, God has really been at work in my life. I am moving toward Him at a faster and faster pace, and He is revealing Himself and His will to me in clear, leave-no-doubt kind of ways.

When the verses you read, the Christian studies you do, the friends you talk with, the conferences you attend, the worship songs you sing, and the actions of those around you (for whom you’ve been praying to see God’s hand at work) all start to line up…then people, God is speaking.

This weekend was a busy, filled to the brim, hallelujah kind of weekend. On Friday evening, the husband and I joined another couple and went to see “The Promise” in Glen Rose, TX. It is a beautiful outdoor production depicting the life of Christ…from birth to resurrection. Not only was it fun and wonderful to watch, God revealed a new part of the story of Jesus to me, an aspect of His ministry that I had never thought of before.

Then I got up early on Saturday morning and attended a simulcast for a Beth Moore conference. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard Beth speak, and let me tell ya girlfriend, she brings it. Maybe it’s her Texas twang, or just the spirit of God that is upon her, but when she was speaking I felt as if she and I were instant BFF’s…like we were sitting over a cup of coffee where she was teaching me about Christ, explaining what He wants for me, and was praying over me as her sister in Christ. The way God spoke to me through her words and THE word was incredible, and I am so thankful that He chose to speak to little ol’ me.

Saturday night was full of Christian friends & fellowship as we planned our fall homegroup, and on Sunday I joined in with the body of believers to worship and study the Word of God.

And speaking of worship…for the first time in a long time, I really, truly worshipped the Lord through music this weekend. Sad to say, but I’ve been going through the motions. The worship leader at the simulcast brought me to the throne, helped me get my “angry praise” on (more on that later!), and I was finally able to focus in on Christ and sing just to Him. It followed over into church on Sunday, and into my car as I drove to HEB that afternoon…belting Nicole Nordeman’s lyrics. From my lips to God’s ear…that’s what I prayed.

My heart and mind have been refocused on Christ…I have been challenged to allow Him to change me, to go to work on some area’s of my life that I’ve held onto a little to tightly. Okay, a lot too tightly.

More on everything to come…I’m still chewin’ on it all a little bit. I covet your prayers, if you wouldn’t mind adding me to your list, and it is my prayer that over time you’ll start to see more of Jesus and less of me.

He’s up to something, that’s for sure.


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One thought on “Chewin’…Texas Twang for Meditating

  1. Shelby smith

    Girl thnks for sharing!


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