Anchored in my Love

If I were to get a tattoo (and I’m not saying I am, Mom) I think it would be this…

The mixture of the 3 shapes of cross, heart and anchor are meant to symbolize faith, hope, and love.

The cross holds a lot of significance for me as a Christian…it is a reminder of the sacrifice my Christ made for me, of the grace by which I am covered. Too often I see a cross and take it for granted, don’t allow it to stir my soul with thankfulness and love for my Savior.

The heart obviously makes me think of love…the love of God, of my husband, of my family. And, as a fun side note, my married initials are HRT, which would be “heart” in text-speak. I *love* hearts! 😉

The anchor is taking on new meanings for me…it actually has become a symbol that I’ve started to visualize regularly. In a study Chris and I are working our way through, it introduced the idea (it’s not new really, just nothing I’ve ever grabbed on to before) of “anchoring” yourself in Christ. No matter what the situation, no matter how hard the wind is blowing, no matter how confusing life gets, anchor yourself in His truth.

To me, it means keeping my eyes on Him. Living in a way that obeys His commands, regardless of how the people around me act or what they say. When Chris is driving me bonkers, it means anchoring myself in Christ, putting my eyes on Him, and responding as if it were to Christ, not to Chris. Lord knows I fail on this…daily!…but it’s an area of my life in which God is at work.

At work, I can be pulled in so many different directions at once. I interact with children who have such a huge range of needs…academic, physical, emotional. It can be so easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of needs, of to-do’s, of people (little and big) demanding so much of my time and attention.  And yet, I am anchored in Christ. He is at work through me, and it is His strength I can call upon. What sweet relief to know that I don’t face each day alone!

So that’s where I’m at, if any of that makes sense.

Anchored in Christ.


P.S. – Maybe I should just get a necklace with this as the charm or something….anybody know where I could find one of those?!

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