A year ago this month…

Yesterday, after worshipping my Lord at church and learning more about forgiveness in Sunday School, I sat on a beautiful patio (with Tejano music blaring, but that’s a different part of this story) eating tasty food with a table full of good friends and sweet babies. The weather was wonderful, the conversation light and fun, and life was just…good.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year this month since we joined First Baptist…and I couldn’t be more thankful or have been more blessed during that time. We’ve made so many new friends, been encouraged by so many members, and have found opportunities to plug in, to serve, and to be ministered to.

The core group of friends, those in our Sunday School and homegroup, have been the biggest blessing. We’ve been prayer warriors for one another, we’ve opened up about things most people don’t share with anyone, we’ve been on adventures and crafted together…we’ve lived life with one another. This summer has been busy and we haven’t had as much time to connect, but I am so excited about the fall and getting everything going again. I can’t thank them enough for the friendship they’ve extended to us…and I’m reminded yet again of how important it is to offer that same friendship to other couples who come to our church.

I also look back and marvel at how good God is…and at how mightily He has been at work in our lives in the past year. Our marriage, our finances, my personal understanding of who God is and who He has called me to be as a Christian…my life is being transformed as He is at work in me. I think I’ve been part of right around 10 different bible studies in the past year, and I just can’t get enough of God and what He is revealing to me. I am by no means perfect, definitely a sinner saved by grace, and I am humbled that God would let me be a part of His work.

So much has happened in a year…and only God knows all that will happen in this next year. I’ll take the good with the bad and pray that I’ll be full of praise through it all.

And I’ll continue to be so thankful that I’ve got a church family to walk through this thing called life with me.


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