Auntie and Uncle Adventures

This past weekend, Chris and I loaded up the car…Huxley and all…and drove 3 hours to spend a few days with my in-law family.

Oh, and did I mention we took our rockin’ niece A with us?

She’s 3, but as she mentions regularly in her prayers to Jesus now, she will be 4 in October. And she wants a Barbie House and a Tinkerbell cake. And it’s not her birthday yet, but it will be. Happy birthday to me. Amen.

Here it was, the Friday of the first week of school. I was exhausted, and had to load the car with tons of school junk to do…but Chris was saying “Don’t worry baby. I’ll drive and you can sleep.”

Yeah. I can sleep. With a 3 year old and a puppy who goes nuts at the sight of said 3 year old in the back seat together.

Turns out…I can. And I did.

After a few minutes of playing in the back seat, they settled in and calmed down. A-bug read, colored, played her game, played on my phone, sang songs to herself, and eventually fell asleep. She had a few moments of weirdness about 2 hours into the drive, but I was feeling a little weird myself, so no shame there.

To pass the time when we were awake, we sang our ABC’s, counted, and pretended that there were aliens and scary animals in the “forests” we were driving through.

I thought we were having a grand time, really bonding, ya know. So it’s not like it was really that far out when I tried to teach her to sing that song from the Hangover. You know the one…”We are the 3 best friends that anyone can have…!”

(Don’t judge my Aunt skills right now. It’s not like I was showing her the Hangover or anything.)

She would have none of it. Everytime I tried, she would respond in this angry, shrill voice that “Aunt Biz is my best friend! Not you! Aunt Biz!”

Well excuse me. I guess I fail as an Aunt.


After I got over the sting of rejection, we worked on our counting skills a bit. A-bug counted beautifully to 5, so I asked if she could “count any higher than that.” She got a look of total concentration on her face, raised her hand above her head, and counted to five again.

Bahaha…gotta love how literally they take things!


Once we got to Chris’ parents, they pretty much took over A-bug patrol. Chris did his typical annoying-uncle bit and harrassed her the better part of the weekend, threatening to eat her snacks and chocolate donuts and calling her a weenie. The two of them also did a lot of running around the house, which got a little wild since there were also 4 dogs in the mix.

The rest of the weekend was full of exploring antique shops, drinking coke floats, trying our hands at a little archery, watching movies, going to church, and napping. I even got to snuggle with my puppy for a bit…he was so worn out from all that crazy playing that he didn’t have the strength to fight against me. The joys of motherhood…*sigh*

It was a really, really good weekend. And, if you can believe it, I also got quite a bit of school work done. Success!


On Sunday, Chris was sweet enough to drive home. No napping for me (maybe it was because I’d already had a 2 hour nap earlier that afternoon), but I did read quite a bit in a new book I borrowed from my mother-in-law. It was a pretty peaceful ride, and when it started to be not-so-peaceful, we stopped for chicken nuggets.

Food works everytime. *wink*


P.S. – My mother-in-law had a little treat waiting for me at her house…

a new purse! It’s actually a tote, but I carry big purses. Wanna know the cool thing? She’s willing to make more! Message me if you like what you see and want her info!

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2 thoughts on “Auntie and Uncle Adventures

  1. Alexis

    Love the new bag! Those colors are awesome!!!


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