And this is why we are friends.

Well, it’s one of the reasons anyway.

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a second year teacher trying to settle into her classroom. From time to time, a teacher new to the school would buzz by (literally, she’s a fast mover!) heading to one place or another. They didn’t talk much at first, both absorbed in her own room and maybe both a little shy until they get to know people.

Fast forward a few days. Second year teacher (that’s me, by the way!) finds out that she will be mentoring someone else throughout the school year. Yep, you guessed it, the new teacher with the fast walk (I call her “friend K”. That’s a whole ‘nother story.)

Only, here was the thing. New teacher wasn’t so new…she’d been teaching for just about 15 years.

In teacher land, we call that awkward.

I mean seriously, here I was, practically still new to the profession, supposed to be mentoring someone who had been at it for a bit, and with a lot of success. She seriously is like a reading guru.

In the end we came to a mutual understanding. I would mentor her on the ways of our quite demanding elementary school, and she would mentor me on…oh…teaching.

Those first few weeks went along well I guess…I don’t remember anything specific from them. Those first few weeks are purely survival mode anyway. Then, on a September day, friendship bloomed, all thanks to a man named Johnny Appleseed.

See, friend K and I were both teaching Social Studies, and we had planned a Johnny Appleseed unit together. (Don’t judge us teacher friends – it was tied into the TEKS!) The morning we were supposed to start the unit, she delivered the most adorable little apple themed gift bag to me. An adorable messanger bag, filled with apple-flavored snacks and other fun teacher-y things.

It was in that moment that I knew we were kindred spirits. (Okay, so that sounds really grandiose and dramatic. I guess in the moment I was supa’ happy about getting a present, and for the food. I was a poor second year teacher after all.) But looking back, I really think that gesture is what started it all.

A shared love for giving themed gifts…could that be the answer to world peace?!

But, I digress.

In the going on 5 years since that fateful Johnny Appleseed day, friend Kelli has become one of my very best friends. One of those friends that will always be my friend.

She mentored me, and continues to mentor me, into the teacher that I am.

She has been my partner in crime on many shopping trips, and Starbucks runs, and cute little dollar aisle exchanges.

She is my prayer warrior, and she challenges me in my walk with Christ…even if she doesn’t realize that she does.

She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, even after she said she was done being a bridesmaid in people’s weddings.

She let me live with her for a couple of months before I got married, and treated it like I was living at this relaxing B&B.

She’s just one of the coolest, most genuine, most caring girls I know…and I know some pretty amazing girls.

And now, she’s the aunt to one of the kinder babies in my class! (Well, she’s always been his aunt, but now he’s in my class. Guess I worded that kinda weird.) Regardless, we are both pretty pumped.

So…you had to know this was coming…check out the adorable little puppy-themed gift she gave me for the new school year! *Love* (I opened it twice actually…once when she gave it to me, then I rewrapped it and opened it again the next day at school. Twice the fun!)

Just what I needed to feel happy and ready to go for the new school year! Thanks friend K, for everything!


P.S. – Dear other fabulously, awesome friends of mine…there’s plenty of blog love to go around. Your time is coming. (But a little gift or two might not hurt, just saying.) Bahaha…*wink*

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One thought on “And this is why we are friends.

  1. ke512

    Awww, thanks friend…that made my day!


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