Meet the Teacher

That’s me!

I’ve spent all week, plus a handful of days in the weeks prior, prepping for the 13 little ones (I know…13! Try not to hate me too much if you are a teacher…I know how lucky I am to have such a small class!) that were invited to come check out our classroom tonight.

And you know what?

I love them already!

Most of them I know from pre-k, from teaching their siblings…and one is the nephew of one of my very best friends. Pretty sweet right?! I already know for sure that they are the cutest class around (Yep. I said it.) and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them…which is not always the case. Meeting them again puts faces to all the plans I’ve been making…gets me to the place where I’m really ready to be back and be teaching everyday.

But for tonight, this teacher is ready for bed. I’m sick (Impeccably horrible timing, I know) and drained…and needing to have a clear head for lesson planning tomorrow. So I thought I’d share something my BFF K sent to me today…I don’t know where she got it or whom to give the credit to, but it’s right on and such a timely reminder for me right now.

Good night everyone!


Kindergarten teachers….

Am I the only one that forgets how HARD the first few days of school are???

This really isn’t my first rodeo! You would think by now I would have the back-to-school procedures under control. Seriously, though, I think if you teach Kindergarten, God gives you a special brain that magically erases the memory of the first few days of school. Because if he didn’t… there would be no Kindergarten teachers.

I just forget that in May, when the last bell rings, and 18 ready-to-go-to-first-grade children walk out of my room….

Someone had taught them to walk in that straight line.
Someone had taught them to open their milk carton, ketchup packets, and how to peel their bananas.
Someone had taught them how to sit in their chair and raise their hand.
Someone had taught them to raise their hand before they yelled out what they had for dinner, what their dog’s name is, and how many play trucks they have at home.
Someone had taught them to work silently at their table and solve problems independently.
Someone had taught them to read for goodness sake! And to count and add numbers!

And at the end of the third day of school, when my feet burn and my legs ache because I haven’t sat down for 3 days. And my eyes are puffy because I have stayed up late organizing information sheets and cutting out circles for ladybugs. And my brain is foggy because I am thinking about my Chicka Chicka lesson tomorrow and feeling like I am ready to just jump out of the coconut tree…

I have to remember that someone was me.

That’s why my heart is in Kindergarten!

Even if it is a little rough getting back in the swing of things!




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2 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher

  1. Alexis

    Have a wonderful year!!!! Imagine what you can do with only 13!! That’s awesome!!


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