As if I wasn’t cool enough already…

Most days, I feel pretty good about myself. Not in an over-inflated way, just in a healthy self-esteem way. I’ve got good hygiene…I can brush my hair, even if I can’t style it to save my life…I brush and floss and drink my tea through straws, even though my niece still tells me that my teeth are kind of yellow. I’m losing a few pounds, feeling healthier and stronger each day. Ya know, I’m generally happy with who God made me to be.

And still, things have been happening (some recent, some over my 27 years) that are weirding me out. And frustrating me. And making me have to do a little double-time in my prayers about contentment and satisfaction with God’s handiwork.

Here’s what I’m talkin’ about…

Eyes…um, you saw how thick my glasses are. Been dealing with this one for a while. Oh yes, and the bags under my eyes that, again, made my niece ask why I looked that “like this” (as she pulled at the bottom of her eyes with her fingers).

Upper lip…mustache. Got a few things I’m gonna try to sell on e-bay so that I can afford laser hair removal. Don’t you love all this total honesty?

Back…the aching. Makes me feel old.

Feet…oh my feet. Those darn feet. Big, flat, and now…the owners of custom orthotics.

My feet are what I really want to talk about today. I’ve always had big feet…and subsequently always had trouble buying shoes. Well, I take that back. I didn’t have trouble until I grew out of my size 9’s. It’s once you reach 9 1/2, 10, then 11 that life starts getting rough. We usually had to go out of town to find shoes for me, and even then it was sometimes difficult. Buying prom shoes? Forget it. So frustrating. You can take a perfectly cute shoe and make it in a size 11 and it goes from so cute to something horribly clunky and just…wrong.

All that to say, I’ve adjusted. It’s not like my closet is lacking in the shoe area or anything…and I guess I do a good job of hiding how big they are because most people are shocked to find out that I’m a size 11.

But now.

Oh, but now.

Now I have custom orthotics to go with these big ol’ feet. Orthotics that don’t just fit in any pair of shoes…comfortably they only fit in shoes that I can remove / replace the soles. Buh-bye 90% of the shoes in my closet. No bueno.

Of course I’m not saying that I’ll never wear those shoes again. That’s not practical. But on a normal, work-day basis, I need to have those inserts in my shoes. Since it wouldn’t fit in any of my dress shoes and my tennis shoes are looking a little worn out, a little shoe shopping was in order. For most girls shoe shopping is therapy…but after I go shoe shopping I usually need therapy. This was especially true when I went shopping armed with my inserts. Besides not having a lot of choices in my size, I couldn’t get the soles out of any of the dress shoes I was looking at.

*Insert frustrated face here*

So I did the only thing I knew to do.

Bought a pair of nice tennis shoes, insert friendly, that I can wear with most brown or black outfits. I won’t be the most fashion forward person around, but I don’t think it will look too horrible in most cases. And if it does, I guess those will be the days I cheat and wear non-insert friendly shoes. Don’t judge me.

Here’s what I ended up with…

My thoughts are that deep plum can go with either black or brown…and since it really won’t “match” at all I won’t fail at looking matchy-matchy. I’ll coordinate. Right?!

Oh yes. And these are the totally non-insert friendly shoes that I got for half-off. They were totally necessary though because I got rid of my other white shoes and still need a pair to match some of my outfits. Definitely a need. *wink*

So in the end I guess it ended up okay. In the future I’m going to have to be on the hunt for dressier orthotic-friendly, not overly clunky, as close to cute as I can get work shoes. Basically my shoe hunting adventures just went from difficult to near impossible. Fabulous.


P.S. – I’m done pouting now. Thanks for listening. Or reading.

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2 thoughts on “As if I wasn’t cool enough already…

  1. Mary Book

    I will pout with you. I don’t need orthotics but I wear an 11 and sometimes even a 12. When I go in to a store, it’s not “what shoe do I like” but “what shoe will fit and I can live with”. Sometimes I feel like saying “just give me the box to wear”. Last month I was in San Marcus and went to several outlet stores. I actually had choices. Not as many as the little footed person, but there were choices. Maybe you’ll have to plan a shopping trip.

    • Ah, so you definitely feel my pain! My mom’s feet grew a size with each baby…I’m horrified that the same thing will happen to me. I’d be in a size 13! Agh! 😉


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