My dog days of summer…

…are coming to an end. I’ll be taking a few liberties with that phrase today. Here’s what I mean…

My days of napping in the morning, or in the afternoon, or throughout the evening, or in any combination thereof, are coming to an end.

My days of staying up late reading…are coming to an end.

My days of blogging and reading blogs all day…coming to an end.

My days of hanging out with my pup all day…ending.

My days of traveling, and going where I want, when I want…over.

We’ve had a good run though…it’s been a great summer! It’s back to work for me now…the only thing that makes me sad about that is my handsome little guy is going to be back in his crate quite a bit. 😦

And the naps. I’ll definitely miss the naps.


Although…looking at this picture, I’d say Huxley may  be ready for a little less snuggle time and a little more “Huxley time.”

Yikes! Crazy eyes!

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