The Art of Marriage

As I mentioned a couple of day ago, Chris and I attended a marriage conference through our church this past weekend. It was a video-conference that was presented by Family Life Ministries and was called “The Art of Marriage.” The videos were funny, well designed, and full of insight from theologians, preachers, and Christians who have survived and thrived through unthinkable hardships in their marriages. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to attend. (And even though Chris wasn’t super pumped about going in the beginning, I think he would recommend it as well. He really got a lot out of it, as did I!)

Today I thought I’d share some of the jewels of wisdom I learned through the conference…not my words, but those of Family Life ministries. I want to get these truths in my head and heart, so that I can live them out within the context of my marriage. I hope you are blessed by them as well. 🙂

*Marriage is a gospel testimony embedded in the culture.

*My marriage has to tell the truth about God and reflect Him.

*God will not protect us from what He can perfect us through.

*”Receiving your spouse” means more than “accepting”him or her; it means you embrace the God-given differences He’s built into each of us.

*We must face things together, not face off against one another.

*There is a spiritual battle occurring within marriage. (Ephesians 6:12)

*You cannot have a successful marriage without the invasion of a supernatural presence.

*What the cross offers marriage is fresh starts and new beginnings.

*”Headship” (Ephesians 5:23) also means that the man has the burden of taking the initiative to move things forward on behalf of his family.

*You must have a heart that is willing to understand and appreciate God’s design for marriage. The wife is called to be the “helper” in the marriage relationship.

*God loves strong women, because He knows that once we understand a principle and it’s clear, we’re just as strong toward submission as we are toward rebellion.

*Suffocate sin and put on self-control…change happens by turning to the gospel!

*We often are offended about a lot of things that aren’t principle, they’re preference. Know the difference and pick your battles!

*There is freedom in knowing that you are accepted by your mate.

I’ll leave you today with the pledges that Chris and I made to each other at the end of the conference. Again, not our words, but incredibly challenging and applicable. I pray that when I come back one day and read this old post, I’ll see the evidence of these pledges in our marriage.

Husband’s Pledge

I pledge to you today that, with God’s help, I will make our marriage the priority it is meant to be. I will love and lead you. I will protect and provide for you. I will nourish and cherish you.

Wife’s Pledge

I pledge to you today that, with God’s help, I will make our marriage the priority it is meant to be. I will be your helper and encourager. I will respect you. I will support you and cheer you on.

Husband and Wife Pledge

We will remember that our commitment to each other will have an impact on future generations. We will persevere through painful times and presson to the end of our lives together. We will live for something greater than our own brief existence. From this day forward, our marriage will be more about leaving a lasting legacy than pacifying our passing pleasures.

We commit, from this day forward, to put a “stake in the ground.” We give our lives completely over to God – every dream, every possession, every relationship – and ask him to guide us in every decision we make, for his sake and for the sake of our family and the generations that will be affected by the choices we make this day.

Amen, and amen!


P.S. – For more information on The Art of Marriage conference or to see a video trailer, check out this link!

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