Kitchen Diaries: Chicken Caesar Salad Pockets

I’ve just gotta say it.

HEB is revolutionizing my “kitchen experiments.” (aka – dinner)

In addition to so many fresh and tasty fruits and veggies, the quality of the meat is sooo much better, as are the options. I cooked tilapia this week people. Tilapia! Then last night we had these really delicious turkey meatballs with our spaghetti.

I’d still prefer to not have to cook at all, but as it stands…it’s not so bad when you’ve got variety in your recipe box (or binder, in my case) and great ingrediants. Now if only we could get an HEB closer than 45 minutes away…

Today’s “Kitchen Diaries” recipe is relatively quick, easy, and very tasty. (And also not very original…but cut me some slack, I’m a work in progress where the kitchen is involved!)

Chicken Caesar Salad Pockets

What you need…to feed 4

*2 large chicken breasts

*Italian bread crumbs (my new favorite thing to cook with…I add them to almost everything!)

*head of romaine lettuce

*couple of handfuls of shredded mozzerella cheese (like my math there? *wink*)

*chopped green onions

*caesar salad dressing (I used Newman’s Own…contemplated making my own, but that only lasted all of 5 seconds)

*pita pocket bread (so yummy…and fun!)

What to do…

1) Boil & shred chicken breasts

2) Toss shredded chicken with italian bread crumbs

3) Chop up romaine lettuce & green onions, toss with shredded mozzerella cheese

4) Add the shredded chicken to the salad mix

5) Add caesar salad dressing to the mix

6) Stuff in a pita pocket & enjoy!

I served ours with cottage cheese for Chris and greek yogurt with blackberries for me. Not a big fan of the greek yogurt, I gotta admit…but maybe it will grow on me. This was a fresh and light meal that was still very filling.

Now, what should I have for dinner tonight?!


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