Snap. Crackle. Pop!

Nope, not talking about the bowl of Rice Krispies I had for breakfast.

Talkin’ about my new acquaitance with the chiropractor.

I swear, when people warned me that someday my age would catch up with me and my body would start doing weird stuff, I honestly never thought they were referring to my TWENTIES. It’s ridiculous. Mustache hair. Bags under my eyes. Mexican food hanging around for days afterwards. (Yeah, you feel me on that one, huh. It’s *such* a bummer.)

And now apparently my lower back has decided to join the party.

Gee, thanks.

See, over the spring, my lower back would occasionally catch. I could barely move, it took my breath away, and pain would shoot down my leg. No bueno. Typically I could hobble along for a moment and it would slip back into place, but not until I’d spent a few minutes looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Then, this summer, my back started to have this dull pain on a more regular basis. Not throbbing or anything, just this awareness that something didn’t feel right. After sleeping on a 4-inch mattress for six nights, I was as stiff as a board…and my back was kicking my butt.

I asked around, argued with my husband over x-rays and his thoughts (which places chiropractors on the same level as voo-doo witch doctors), scheduled and canceled and rescheduled 3 different appointments before finally finding myself in an actual chiropractors office. (What can I say…we don’t always do things the easy way around here.)

Since I’d never been before, I was a little nervous. Luckily the one I chose ended up being a super nice guy…he even goes to our church!…and he was careful to explain what he was doing and why. I did have an x-ray taken that first time, reassuring us that everything looks great with my spine. My left hip was a little high & I definitely didn’t have the range of movement he was looking for, so he felt as though we should be able to get me all back in line in a few visits.

(*Although I do need to say, I wasn’t expecting the “multiple visits” thing. It makes sense that it couldn’t all be corrected in one visit, but yikes! Hadn’t quite budgeted for all these appts…I’ve had two and I have at least one more scheduled. Thank goodness for great insurance!)

Here’s a few funny moments from my visits…I can’t seem to go anywhere without finding something to giggle about.

1. He did ask if I’d ever injured my tailbone, because it is a bit bonier and sticks out more than normal. My mom and I can’t think of any injuries…I just naturally have a protruding tailbone. I’ve always said it looks like I was born with a tail and they cut it off right there. Mom will neither confirm nor deny.

2. At the beginning of my first appointment, he listened to my stomach with a stethoscope. He listened again at the end and commented “Good, everything is back to gurgling in there.” Huh?! Turns out your stomach should pretty much always be making some gurgling noises…it means it’s processing and doing it’s job. Since mine wasn’t, he said doing the alignment helped wake my brain up and jump start more of the natural processes. Guess when I told my brain to take the summer off it took it a little too far. 😉

3. While discussing what might have caused my back to start misbehaving, I commented that I have extremely flat feet. He said “Have you seen a doctor on that, or did you self-diagnose?” I just raised my foot up, pointed, and said “Well, I self-diagnosed…but look at my feet…”

It’s sad I know. When I leave a footprint, my arch is the widest part of my foot, not the narrowest. My arch is practically inverted…I mean, I can clap my feet for pete’s sake!

So while we get all my bones aligned correctly, I’m also trying to pull together some money for custom orthotics. Just what I always wanted! 😛

What about you? Ever been to the chiropractor? Any tips for me?


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