Indecisive is my middle name.

Soooooo….I wanted to try my first “vlog” and introduce Huxley to the world in response to MamaKat’s vlog prompt. But, as it turns out, I’m cheap and haven’t paid for the space needed to upload vlogs to my sweet little blog here. Maybe one day.

Instead I’ll insert a few of his most adorable headshots, then move on with my second choice prompt.

What is up with the size of those pictures? It just isn’t my day…and I can’t seem to settle on a topic either. 😛 One of the prompts asked me to describe the most recent thing I’ve made with my hands. That’s easy enough, I’ve been quite crafty lately. However, I’m kind of over adding pictures to today’s post (if you haven’t deduced why, then see the size of the above pictures) so that seems to be out.

<In case you are wondering what I’ve been crafting…it’s a hodge-podge of things. I’m trying to use all of my paper scraps from the banners I’ve made, and prep items to sell in a Christmas craft bazaar. As of this moment I have 13 frames w/ scrappy mats, 15 sets of 4 notecards, 5 photoalbums / covers, 6 post-it note memo boards, 5 clipboards, and 2 recipe binders. More to come!>

Hum…so let’s move on to choice #2…or is it #3? I think I’ll go with one good thing I’m looking forward to.

As a lot of you guys know, Chris and I have been on a journey (excuse my overuse of that word in this post…I’ve just finished up watching the latest season of “The Bachelorette.”) to become debt free. Our journey really began when we first got married, as we combined incomes and paid off our vehicles, my student loan, and eventually both of our credit cards. Lots of moments to celebrate in that first year and half or so of our journey. As he neared the completion of his college degree, we really started to buckle down even more and our journey took an intense shift.

The reason? Student loans, and plenty of ’em.

It was last fall that I first started our zero-based budget, we started using the cash envelope system, and we became more focused on channeling as much money as we could toward the loans.

And now, praying all goes according to plans, we will pay off the first (and smallest) of those loans in the middle of August. That is a very good thing. Although there are many more $$$ worth of loans looming ahead of us, we’ve promised ourselves that we’ll take a pause in this challenging journey to celebrate that mini-success. It’s one down, and if we push hard then we can pay off another by Christmas-time.

We’ve got a lot of people to thank for their support as we journey ahead. Our parents, our home-group from church, our Dave Ramsey “Financial Peace” group, Dave Ramsey himself, and most importantly, our Lord and Savior for providing for us as we work at becoming better stewards of what He’s given us.

Now that my award-acceptance speech is out there, I’ve gotta share the latest story in the saga that is gaining control of our finances. Insurance. Turns out insurance is an essential discussion point, (who knew?!) and something we’ve really been working to educate ourselves on. We decided the best step would be to make an appt to meet with our insurance lady and see what we’ve got going on. The biggest change we wanted to make was a switch from universal life to term, but more on that later.

Let me just start by saying that Chris has been with this one insurance company, and more specifically lady, for years, as has his family. When we got married, I came on board and she wasted little time in getting us all insuranced-up. I remember leaving that first appt thinking “What the heck just happened to us?!” Let me just tell ya people. We got car insurance. We got renters insurance. We both got universal life insurance plans. We got our rings insured. We even got our computers insured. (And although I can’t quite remember how we got to this point, because we’ve never had this many computers at once, we ended up insuring no less than FIVE computers. FIVE!!)

Before we had our most recent appointment, Chris and I made a nearly fatal error. We forgot to pow-wow and pump each other up. See, this lady don’t play. She’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but she is aggressive and she definitely thinks she knows best. Typically Chris folds like a deck of cards under her pressure. (Hence the 5 computers being very well-insured. FIVE!!)

Once we were all seated she asked what we were in for. Chris clearly and firmly says we want to drop our universal plans and switch to term. She narrows her eyes, leans in, and asks “Why in the world would you want to do something like that?” Chris falters a little, but Lord bless him, presses on with our list of reasons why.

And that’s when he says it.

That’s when he says the two words that apparently most all insurance agents hate to hear.

Dave. Ramsey.

See, Dave Ramsey says you should go term life all the way. He is adamently against universal or whole, which bums out the insurance world because that’s where agents make the most commission.

Okay, I get that.

When the said insurance lady hears those two little words, she transforms. Her eyes roll bigger than Dallas. Her hand flies up in our faces. Her voice drips with sarcasm and says that while yes, she has heard of him, no…she does not want to talk about anything he has to say.


We finished out our awkward appointment looking at the term-life rates she can offer us, and just to make that elephant in the room a little larger and louder, Chris admits that we have an appointment with an agent from a competing company to see what kind of rates they can offer us. She was nooooooot happy. In her displeased-state, she keeps referencing that to get term we’ll have to complete a health check. She thinks I should pass mine easily, stating I’ll probably be super-preferred or something like that. Then she wiggles her eyebrows at Chris and asks how he thinks he’ll do, considering they’ll take into account your height, weight, activity level, bloodwork, etc. “Oh, well I just had all my bloodwork done and my cholesterol and blood pressure are great,” he says.

“Hum….” she responds. “You do understand that they’ll check your WEIGHT, your height, your WEIGHT, your activity level, your WEIGHT, your cholesterol, your WEIGHT, your blood pressure….oh, and did I mention they’ll check your WEIGHT?”

Girl say what?!

Chris is by no means a twig, and by his own account, he’s working toward a healthier weight. But to hear her sit there and say it you’d think he was morbidly obese and completely uninsurable.

So. Rude.

After we left and began to process the meeting and rates, Chris was all strung-out on nervous jitters and said some pretty hilarious stuff. He related her to the psycho girlfriend who won’t go away and who you can’t ever seem to break up with and he admitted that he pretty much has just given her full reign over all his insurance needs because she scares him. After talking about the power she seems to wield over him, he declared (for the whole parking lot to hear, I might add) “She’s not my mom and I’m not sleeping with her…so just who does she think she is?!”

All that to say, we’re hoping if we decide to go with the competing insurance agent that he’ll do the dirty work and break up with her for us. That’s not too much to ask, is it?


P.S. – In case you were wondering, I used the word journey five times in today’s post. That’s the same number of computers we had insured, but I’m happy to say that we are now down to 2…and if we stick with this company we’ll go down to zero because (hello!) our computers are covered under our renters insurance. This lady has been taking us for a ride!

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17 thoughts on “Indecisive is my middle name.

  1. He is so cute. I kind of like the pyramid look.

  2. Oh insurance…that must be hell. My husband and I have some things joint, and some split, we’ve managed to get rid of two student loans, but have one huge one left and then, you know, child expenses. BUT…glad you have found a system that works for you, and your dog is cute too.

    • Girl those student loans are killer! My husband wants to put off having children until the loans are gone, but I’ve pretty much told him that is NOT an option. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Insurance companies are dreadful! And very often, when you do need them, they find a way not to pay out anyway.

  4. Loan hell = BLAH!!

    And just like a ladies age, no one should be able to ask her weight either. Just saying.

  5. “She’s not my Mom and I’m not sleeping with her…so just who does she think she is?” That. Is. Awesome. I will remember this when we next go to the bank to renew our mortgage. And now you have me thinking about our insurance….hmmm….
    Fab post!

    • Thanks girl…that was a pretty big realization for my husband, to say the least. 😉 Go whip your bank & insurance people into place!

  6. Keep Calm and Pining on…..I know all about the dreaded student loans…ugh. But, you will do it as a team and before the kiddos! haha! Thanks for stopping by BlissfulVida today- I enjoyed reading your blog…You remind me of the hubs and our little Chihuahua- Molly Marie.
    Look forward to get to know you better!

    Blissful Love,

    Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

  7. I enjoyed your post today. Glad you are getting your insurance needs in line, and may I say, that sounds like one rude insurance lady!

    Also, I’m really impressed with how much crafting you got done. And I’m a big fan of the word “journey” too. 😉

  8. im very impressed with your crafting! im not artsy like that at all!!

    • I would consider myself a crafty person…until I see some of the gorgeous things people put together, especially on pinterest. I’m a mid-level crafter. 😉

  9. They check your weight? Yikes!

    I love your dog’s bowtie.

    • Yeah, I know. Luckily I’ve been losing weight as opposed to gaining it lately…let’s hope that trend continues! Found the bowtie in Target’s dollar aisle & couldn’t resist…he hates it though. 😉


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