That’s what I’m screaming in my head.

Everytime I walk through Wal-Mart and see the school supplies out.

Everytime I log onto Pinterest and see all the school pins everyone is looking at.

Everytime I look at the calendar and see how the days are flying by.

Everytime I find my mind wandering toward my classroom theme.

I’ve had an awesome summer. I’ve traveled, visited with family and friends, napped to my heart’s content, played with my puppy, crafted…it’s been glorious. And truly, I don’t feel like it’s flown by. I just don’t want these next couple of weeks to fly by either.

But alas, I feel like I’m on a train that’s picking up speed…and I know it won’t be much longer until my mind is consumed with thoughts of school and kids and classroom and curriculum.

I’ll even dream about it all…and trust me when I say that not all of those dreams will be good.

So in these last fleeting days of summer, I’m trying to put the brakes on the school train for just a bit longer.

By only buying a few school supplies. (Hey, everything is so cheap right now!)

By browsing through my school pins and pulling out only the ones I know I’m interested in using.

By looking at ways to squeeze the most summer fun out of the calendar.

By finding a few simple puppy-themed touches for my room.

And by filling the rest of my hours with as many non-school activities as possible.

I’m sure by the time school rolls around I’ll be ready to go…right?!


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2 thoughts on “NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  1. Yup, I just bought some school supplies today…I’m ready for school to start though. I miss my routine.

    • My husband keeps saying that he misses our routine…I, on the other hand, could definitely see myself keepin’ up this summer housewife thing for a while longer. 😉


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