Um…hello? Anyone home?

Long time no see. It would figure that just about the time I start meeting new people in blog land and building up my readership a bit I have to take a week off to work a camp. Of course, I could have planned ahead and written my posts in advance…but I gave myself a little summer vacay from writing. Ah well!

So quick recap…last Sunday I packed up & went to work a summer camp in the DFW area. Saw lots of cool sites (Cowboy Stadium*Ripley’s Believe It or Not*Palace of Wax*Stockyards*Amon Carter*Cowgirl Musuem*Sixth Floor Musuem*Botanical Gardens*Bureau of Printing and Engraving*Rangers Stadium), hunt out with some smarty-pants kids, and missed my little family like crazy.

The weekend including catching up on laundry and all of my wifely household tasks, couponing / price matching, and making our food list / grocery shopping list. How do I have time to do all of this stuff when I’m working? I’ve been staying busy all day, pretty much everyday…hum…that could explain why I’m so-stinkin-tired most of the year. 😛

Luckily for me, a girlfriend of mine had invited everyone over for a *Pinterest*Party* (don’t you love those?!) and catching up with everyone was just what I’d been needing. There were lots of yummy treats, crafting, chatting, and plenty of baby holding. Of course, no Pinterest party is complete without mason jars and paper straws. *Love*

That’s what I took. A spritzy/berry summer drink, Moscato cupcakes, and paper straws. Is it weird to say that the drink tasted better through a paper straw? Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me…

I also had the chance to meet up with my brother & his gf, along with my parents, as they passed through on their way home after their 30th anniversary trip to Las Vegas. (I know, 30 years! In today’s world that is quite an accomplishment…congrats Mom & Dad!) Their trip sounded fabulous…they stayed at what I’m sure would be my favorite hotel in Vegas (the Wynn) and went to a cirque show, which I think is so much fun. What the brotha and I were most interested in hearing about, however, was the Garth Brooks concert they went to.

I’m pretty sure nothing I can say would express how jealous I am over that concert. I may not listen to Garth that much these days, but when I was growing up, Garth was the man around our house. We all loved him. Caleb would dress up like him and sing his songs, strumming his guitar to the concert video we would pop in the VCR for him. Talk bad about Garth and them’s fightin’ words! Needless to say, Caleb and I are growing more and more desperate to see him in concert. Anyone wanna pay our way?!

That brings us to today. I did the dreaded grocery trip (saved around $12…it’s a start I guess) and spent the afternoon at the eye doctor. They dialiated my eyes, which made shopping around for new glasses kinda tricky since it totally messed up my near-sighted vision…I think I was cross-eyed practically the whole time. With that being said, I *think* I picked out a cute new pair of glasses. Guess we’ll see when they come in. *wink*

The rest of my week is going to be filled with crafting, new recipes, shopping, cleaning, mowing, and napping. Gotta tie up all those loose ends before I get back to the grind.

What are you doing this week?


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