Kitchen Diaries: Pizza Balls

Happy Monday!

*Don’t you just want to smack me in the face? Monday’s are probably only happy for people who have the summer off huh? I’ll try to keep my chipperness to a minimum. 😉

In case you didn’t notice, I added a “Kitchen Diaries” link at the top of the page. Each time I add a new recipe or kitchen idea you can go there to get the link…if you are like me I want to try a recipe out before printing it, so I’m constantly searching on the blogs I read / Pinterest for recipes I’ve seen. This should make it a little easier for everyone.

Today’s recipe is another pinterest jewel…originating from a pretty creative blog. I introduce to you….Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, by Riches to Rags!

Around our house, we like to call them “Pizza Balls.” Easy to see why. 🙂

As I’ve already said, not my recipe…so definitely go check out Riches to Rags for this recipe and others!

Pizza Balls


      *canned biscuits (I used 3 small cans…use more or less depending on how many you want to make!)


      *block of cheese (we used colby jack…you use whatever you like best!)

      *1 beaten egg

      *parmesan cheese

      *italian seasoning

      *garlic salt

      *marina / pizza sauce (again, the amount depends on how many balls you want to make…)


1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, grease a pan

2. Cut the block of cheese into thin rectangles

3. Flatten out a biscuit, stack a pepperoni / cheese / pepperoni in the middle, fold the edges of the biscuit up over it to make a ball

4. Repeat as many times as you’d like

5. Place the balls in the greased pan, brush with beaten egg, and season w/ parmesan, italian seasoning, and garlic salt as you’d like

6. Bake for 18 – 20 minutes

7. Serve the pizza balls with warm pizza / marina sauce


This recipe was everything I love…simple, quick, easy, and tasty! The husby loved it too, so it’s definitely going in our family cookbook. Next time I think I’ll have my niece A help make it…it’s a great recipe to keep little hands busy.

I found another great website through a Facebook friend of mine called “Jamie Cooks It Up.” I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, but I’ve got a list that I want to test out…check her out if you are looking for a little kitchen inspiration yourself.

All this talk of food is making me hungry…gotta go! 😉


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4 thoughts on “Kitchen Diaries: Pizza Balls

  1. Alexis

    Sounds yummy!! I’ve been following a food blog called Ambituous Kitchen & she’s got some really yummy recipes on there too!! You should check it out =)

  2. whisperingwriter

    Ooo yum, I would like those.


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