Pops of Color

Something I hear a lot of my friends / family saying is how they wish they could integrate more color into their home decorating scheme.

I gotta say, “integrating color” has never been a problem for me.

In college my dorm theme was rainbow & daisies. If it was bright and colorful, I had it. I upped the ante in my apartments by adding orange furniture (more on that later!) and bedazzled garage sale finds.

Don’t stroke out on me just yet…I know that not everyone is as comfortable with color as I am, and I’m definitely not going to say that you need to be as extreme as I am. Or actually, was. I’ve toned it down quite a bit since moving into my “grown-up, married home.” These days, my brightest room is our guest bedroom…it pays homage to my single girl brightness. 😉

But, since I am a big fan of using bold colors to decorate with, I thought I’d pass along a few tips that could be easily implemented into your home for a quick makeover with a pop of color. This could be fun, right?


My newest form of “color integration,” as we’re calling it, is recovering small benches and stools. The three that I’ve recovered were all garage sale finds, so I had a little less fear in reupholstering / spray painting. I chose different fabrics for each (keeping in the same color family & with a similiar feel) but in doing so added some interest to each particular piece.

You’ve seen this little baby before…Huxley loves to prop his front feet on it to look out the window.

I’ve had this stool since college (garage sale find that was a bit more on the expensive side) and it’s my most recent recover. I figured…”Hey, it’s just fabric!” If I get tired of having a stronger color on top, I’ll just pull the staples out and go back to the more neutral dark purple that’s underneath. <The fabric looks kind of weird in the picture…the pattern is actually called “grunge.”>

But my most-favorite-of-all piece is the snazzy stool I just finished up. I found it at a garage sale for $1. It was white w/ no fabric on the seat, only the foam padding. (Sorry, no “before” picture…I got to excited to fix it up!) Initially I planned to take it up to school for my back work table, but in a flash of inspiration I realized it might be just what I’ve been needing to change up my desk area at home.

Here’s what my desk looked like before…eh. Black particle board desk that’s about 6 years old, boring / ugly black rolly chair…just not working for me anymore. I’ve been lusting after a desk at a local antique shop (refinished in a bright apple green color) but don’t see having the $125 to get it anytime soon.

Turns out this stool totally fit the bill. It fits perfectly, and once I had it redone, feel like I can continue to live with this boring black desk.

My advice for you on refinishing garage sale finds such as this one would be…just go for it! Seriously, what kind of damage can you do to something you paid so little for that can’t be fixed in one way or another. I just busted out a can of spray paint I had in the cabinet, gave it a good 4 or 5 coats, grabbed my staple gun, and folded the fabric up like I would a Christmas present.

I’m pretty happy with the end result. 🙂


 This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a bold paint color to hand-me-down furniture. I’ve had an orange coffee table / shelves…even a deep purple dresser / side table set with gold trim. Paint can really give life to old or slightly damaged pieces…and if the color doesn’t end up working for you…just repaint!

<My friend Kimberly just had a couple of her pieces of childhood furniture professionally refinished into a beautiful light gray color…beautiful! Not all color accents have to be bold…just try something fresh and new!>


I also love to decorate using pieces of furniture that are already colorful in and of themselves. Again, the pieces I’m going to show you are all garage sale finds…so if they ever don’t fit my design needs, I won’t feel obligated to hold onto them because I “paid big bucks.”

I’ve got a set of these retro green / gold chairs…I don’t remember what the original leg color was, but I’ve spray painted it a couple of different times, depending on what room it was in. I think we paid $5 for both chairs!

My mom found this jewel for me…a retro dining room table / chair set! It’s yellow in color, and currently I’ve got a matching yellow tablecloth on it…but that changes with the season / occasion. What did we pay for this one Ma…$100?

This chair actually inspired our master bedroom…I wanted to go with a black & white damask, with pops of this blue color. It just adds a little pop of fun to the room!


Maybe all this talk of buying colorful pieces or repainting / reupholstering with color is just too much for you. I get it…but no worries, you have other options. Try bringing in pops of color or patterns through your lamps…

…throw pillows (we don’t have any out right now..Huxley chewed the corners…but I’m getting ready to recover the ones we do have using this pin I found.)

Pinned Image

…runners, placemats, scrapbook paper. Not everything has to be used for it’s intended purpose. I use scrapbook paper to make banners for my walls and even trim for my bookshelf. (Removable tape people…won’t damage the shelf, adds color until I’m tired of it. So easy!)

A friend of mine recently showed me a couple of placemats she had framed to place on her walls. The design was lovely, it was colorful…and how easy is that?!

…accent pieces (both hanging and placed around the room on shelves and such). This one is the most obvious, and probably the easiest place to start. Look around and see what you can update with a coat of new color!

(*This pic was from when we first moved in…made a few changes since, but love it all the same!)


 When trying to integrate color, I encourage you to go look at paint chips and figure out what colors you are drawn to the most. With the exception of our master bedroom and Chris’ office, every other room in my house is tied together with one particular color…apple green. It’s just my fav right now!

In the living room I paired it with shades of bright blues…in the dining room with yellow…in the kitchen with yellow, orange, and red. (See that progression?) In the guest bathroom I paired a navy blue with the green…by having one color that flows from room to room it keeps everything from feeling disjointed and creates what I think (and hope!) is a really nice flow.


So in case your eyes glazed over or you are feeling like you ate a psychadelic mushroom from all the color on today’s post, let me hit the high points for ya…

1) Pick an inspiration color and/or fabric print to get you started…go bold!

2) Look for a way to repurpose furniture / accents you already have…or hit the garage sales!

3) Bust out your staple gun & spray paint…be brave!


P.S. – And if you aren’t already…you definitely want to get on Pinterest. I get so many great ideas for repurposing furniture by checking out other people’s pins…I’ve got more than a few ideas cookin’ right now. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Pops of Color

  1. Love that little stool! Makes me want to hit up a garage sale and find something in need of some love.

    • I’ve decided if I’m not careful I could end up with quite a large collection of stools and benches. I just love them! Hope you find a treasure soon!

  2. I really like your writing style, good information, regards for putting up :D. “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” by T. S. Eliot.


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