Family Vacation 2012

Ok. Y’all.

Yesterday as I was trying to finish up my post, I encountered a little blogger problem.

The dreaded 3 GB limit.

For most of you, this probably means nothing. It sure didn’t mean anything to me until yesterday, when it wouldn’t let me upload any more pictures!

Turns out to get more gigabytes, I’m going to have to fork over some cold, hard cash.

No bueno, to say the least.

So I spent a little time going through and deleting unused pictures (and hopefully I left any pictures actually used on the blog intact!) and got down to 2.4 GB.

Better, but not great. Gotta slow down on the picture inserts for the time being.

BUT, I won’t let that stop me from sharing a few more pictures from our little family vacation last week. Yesterday you got to see the amazing bed and breakfast we stayed at, today I’ll give you a peek at a few of the things we did while we were in the Wimberly area.

One of our first sight-seeing stops was at the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio. Chris has been to caverns on the east coast, but this was his first Texas cave. Naturally, he came prepared with a mag light (he keeps those big pockets fully stocked!) and spent most of his time ignoring the guide and shining that little light all over the place.

I’ve been to several caverns before, but this one seemed especially incredible to me. I was completely in awe at the beauty of God’s creation, even 180 feet under the earth…He just thought of everything didn’t He?!

Another item in Chris’ handy-dandy cargo pockets was our Flip camera. After the caverns we went to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park, one of those places where you drive through and can see / feed that “wild” animals. I use the term “wild” loosely because most of these animals were so fat off of hand-fed food from tourists driving through…but it was cool nonetheless.

Chris can’t do anything without adding a little flair of drama to it, so as he recorded he attempted to make his own  “Serengeti You-Tube” video. Most of my appreances on the video were simply me shaking my head back and forth in disbelief of his silliness. 😛

Our trip took place mid-afternoon, so obviously it was pretty darn hot. A lot of the animals, especially the bigger ones, stayed in the shade…but you can see from these pictures how close some of them were. None of them tried to jump in the car with us (I’ve heard stories of that happening!) but we did get the chance to feed several of them, so that was cool. 🙂

After our outing to the Natural Bridge, we opted to channel our inner senior citizens and eat dinner at 4:45. (Hey, don’t judge us. The restuarant was on our way back to the B&B…it wouldn’t have made sense to pass it and then drive back to it a little while later.)

We found this really cool pizza place called “Brewster’s Pizza” in Wimberly. I *loved* the decor (that’s why I included a picture for you guys!) and the pizza was so yummy…you’ve gotta stop in if you ever get a chance!

Our other stops included a yummy Mexican food restaurant, Fizoli’s, Krispy Kreme donuts (*soooo tasty!)…hum, guess I’m hungry, since the first thing to come to mind were all the places we stopped to eat. 😉

Of course, we also went to Schlitterbahn. I got a tan, Chris got a sunburn…but we both had a really fun time together. He’s a slide junkie, I’m a lazy river lover…so we met in the middle and did a little of both. Good times!

I know the burning question for those of you who read Friday’s post is…”So did you come back with any extra money?!”

I’m happy to say that the answer is yes! We conquered the vacation on a budget, and had a great time!


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2 thoughts on “Family Vacation 2012

  1. Looks like fun! We were around that area not too long ago 🙂

    • My husband isn’t from Texas, so I’ve made it my mission to give him the “Texas Tour.” 🙂 Not sure where we’ll go next summer…to the coast maybe!


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