Hot Date @ the Gun Show

Never thought I’d be saying “hot date” and “gun show” in the same sentence. No shame if that’s a regular part of your vocabulary, it has just never really been my thing.

But, now that it is my husband’s “thing,” so to speak, I decided it would be best if I showed a little interest as well. So when a Groupon coupon for two tickets to the Fort Worth Gun Show popped up in my inbox, I went for it.

I tried to keep it a secret from Chris, but he wasn’t having it. He was super excited when I told him, even though we decided it would mostly be a looking trip…NOT a buying trip. 😉

As we planned our day another big blessing came our way…a gift certificate to Olive Garden from my secret sister at church. Thanks to her we had a tasty lunch before heading off. 🙂

When we arrived & parked & started walking in, the thing that got my attention right away was all the men (and a few women) just walking around this little area of downtown Ft. Worth carrying big ol’ guns. I didn’t realize they would be bringing guns to sell or trade (I’d never been to one of these shows, remember?) It didn’t bother me necessarily…just seemed a little out of place.

I could feel the anticipation growing as we neared / entered the building. All the men looked so excited and happy…picture the look of joy on women’s faces when they walk into a big craft fair or mall. Chris, in his always dramatic fashion, even took a deep breath and declared…

“I can just smell the 2nd ammendment!”

And then I convinced him to pose for a picture. Hehehe…

As we darted from booth to booth, Chris showed me the different pieces of guns that he wants on his next one…knives he likes…survival supplies that looked cool. I’m pretty sure he even started drooling a couple of times. What I enjoyed most about the show was watching him interact with the salespeople at the booths we stopped at. It’s like he was speaking this foreign language…but obviously he knows what he’s talking about because they all jumped right in, nodding and offering their thoughts / suggestions. At one point he even started talking about “plinking,” which turned out to be something like informal target shooting.

I thought it was something akin to “Plinko” on “The Price is Right.”

I think that would have been cooler.

Of course there was the expected talk of preparation for the “zombie apocolypse.” One guy explained to us at length what his definition of a zombie is (basically someone who goes without food or water for several days, perhaps has just been through a natural disaster, and is acting in a way that brings peril to others) and went through all the things we would need in our “bug-out” survival bag. I’m not going to make too much fun of survival bags…1) because Chris is kind of thinking of making one, and 2) because I can appreciate being prepared. I’m just think it would be smart to have one if there were to be some sort of natural disaster happen…not necessarily in the event of zombies.

But perhaps the most suprising thing of all was that one booth was selling 15oo count egyptian cotton sheets for just $55! You’ll remember this is exactly what I tried to get Chris for our anniversary, but they didn’t end up feeling so great. Well the ones at the show felt incredible, and the price was great. Chris even offered to let me buy a set as his gift, since that’s what I had originally planned…but what kind of wife would I have been to have taken my husband to the gun show and made him get a set of sheets?

So no, we didn’t get the sheets. I kind of regret it now, but it just wasn’t in the budget.

Chris did end up getting a big ol’ army looking backpack as his anniversary gift. He’s very excited about it.

And we both ended up having a really fun time together…I wouldn’t mind going to another one with him in the future.

Who would have guessed?! 😉


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One thought on “Hot Date @ the Gun Show

  1. Alexis

    That would have been my husbands thing too! Glad you had fun!


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