Here’s lookin’ at you babe!


What were you doing 2 years ago today?

Bet it’s not as amazing as what I was doing…

…cause I was getting maaarrrrrrrrriiiiieeeeddddd!

(For those of you not fluent in happy / girly squeals, that last word was “married.) And my goodness, can we all just appreciate my husbands head of curls?!

It was an incredibly beautiful day, one for which I owe so much thanks to our parents (my Mom especially!) and so many loved ones who just showered us with help and gifts and advice and blessings.

I’ve gotta say though, the real beauty is found in the year*s* spent together. I can’t believe it’s already been 2…and I pray that one day we’ll be looking back on 30, 40, then 50 + years together.

Reflecting back on our two years of holy matrimony, I can definitely appreciate the saying “Life is a roller coaster.” We’ve celebrated great accomlishments together, mourned losses together, faced some scary trials together, grown in the Lord together…it just goes on and on, but we did it all together.

When we got married, I felt prepared for marriage (as prepared as one can be, I guess). I’d read tons of Christian marriage books, we’d gone through pre-marital counseling, and we’d sought the advice of our parents and friends with successful marriages. Even with all that preparation, I still expected our first year to be a hard one. You just hear that a lot, ya know?

I was pleasantly suprised with how smoothly our first year actually went. We settled into married life easily…I think we’re both suited for it…and had a lot of fun.

I definitely wouldn’t say that the honeymoon is over, but I will say in year two we have definitely faced some of those challenges all married couples (who are honest!) talk about. In fact, if you look back to last summer’s blog posts you’ll see that year two almost immediately started out with a different feel to it. Two becoming one is not something that happens overnight, or without struggle, but I truly believe that God uses it to smooth down your rough edges, those selfish / uncompromising parts of you that you don’t want to give up.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and we are happily married. We’ve just had a few growing pains this past year. We’ve added a puppy to our family, we’ve started paying on the mountain of student loans, we’ve begun more serious discussions on family planning…big things are happening in the Thompson household.

So the kinds of things I’ll be telling my husband as we celebrate this anniversary together is what a treat it is to live life with someone who makes me laugh everyday, how thankful I am for him being open and willing to talk with me, that he’s a good man for dealing with my stubbornness, how safe I feel with him, how much I respect him for how seriously he takes his responsibility to our little family, and how dashingly handsome I think he is. Our future looks sweet, and I thank God everyday for this partner to walk through life with.

“Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments. And thank God through it all…” – Meghan Matt


P.S. – Since I’ve been blogging for over a year now, this isn’t a totally new topic. 😉 Check out my one-year anniversary blog for more insights into this crazy thing called love!

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