My Signature Look…it’s somewhat questionable

Hola! Today is just a little taste of all the things that have been inspiring me lately…and I say lately because I tend to have a lot of inspirations.

Are you that way?

My wedding for example, was inspired by peacock feathers. My kitchen / dining room decor by a piece of colorful fruit fabric. A LOT of things in my life lately are inspired by pinterest. Come on, you’ve gotta know what I’m talking about here.

Sometimes my inspiration comes from the strangest places…

For example, after watching an episode of “My Strange Addiction,” in which the woman being interviewed was addicted to her green eyeliner, I decided that maybe I will switch to wearing purple eyeliner. Exclusively.

I’ve worn purple eyeliner on and off for a while now. It’s not even really that noticebly purple…but it’s not as harsh as black, and I like the way it looks.

It could be my signature look.

Another accessory I’ve considered making a permanent staple in my wardrobe is pearls. I have quite a collection of jewelry, but as of late I haven’t been good about wearing much of it. Of course I wear my wedding rings & college ring…and occasionally my pearl earrings. But that’s really about it…I’m lazy I guess.

So then I saw a picture on a friend of mine’s facebook page (Hey D! Didn’t know I was going to write about you today, did ya?!) of her sister-in-law. The picture was taken just minutes after she had given birth to her precious little baby girl. Minutes, I say. This girl looked fresh and beautiful…and she was wearing pearls. That girl has got it together, let me tell ya.

And that’s when I knew…one day, I will give birth while wearing pearls also.

But why wait? I figure there’s no time like the present to establish a signature look.

So mine will be purple eyeliner with pearls. I guess that makes me a quirky southern belle. Or something like that.


What about you? Anything inspiring your signature look these days? 😉


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