My Cookin’ Secrets…

Yay for Friday!

You guys can’t imagine how happy I am for Friday to be here…I’ve actually been away at a camp all week, and Friday means it’s coming home day! I got all my posts ready to go in advance, because while away it was a 24/6 with the kids facilitating the fun & learning…so no doubt I’m looking forward to sleeping long and hard in my own bed.

To wrap up this week’s series of “Kitchen Diaries” (don’t worry, it’ll make more appearances as I have more recipes to share!) I thought I’d give you a few product reviews. They are quick, easy, and tasty meal options, and you definitely should add them to your next shopping list.

Kraft: Fresh Takes

 Click here for the website & a coupon!

These are tasty seasoning packages for chicken or pork chops…quick & delicious!

Kraft: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Creams

Click  here for the website & more tasty recipes!

Chris’ fav recipe is when I use the Italian Cheese & Herb in place of half of the ricotta cheese in lasagna. It adds a delicious flavor!

Betty Crocker: Hershey’s Cookie Brownie Bars

This is my husby’s newest fav dessert…and I’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty tasty! I’ve seen a lot recipes similiar to this floating around on Pinterest, but it doens’t get much easier than a box. They’ve been a hit everywhere I take them, especially the time I cooked them in a muffin tin & layered a Reese’s cup in between the brownie and cookie. (Top with vanilla ice cream for assured diabetic shock.)

That’s all for now folks…hope your weekend is fabulous!


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