The Kitchen Diaries

Can you feel the excitement in the air?!

This week I’m going to be launching a new series on Keep Calm & Love On…called “The Kitchen Diaries.”

Now before you start laughing (if you haven’t already!) just give me a chance to explain.

We all know that I burn things. Regularly.

We all know that I make things that are far, far from edible. Regularly.

But what some people take for granted is that I actually do cook completely edible, albeit not that original, meals. Regularly. 😉

So while “The Kitchen Diaries” will be a place for me to share my failures, it will also be a place for me to share my successes. Hopefully as I share recipes and ideas with you guys, you’ll drop me comments or an e-mail ( with kitchen or recipe ideas to try.

Sounds fun, right?!


Since this is all in good fun, and since I like to make everyone feel more comfortable by just putting my own awkwardness out there, I’ll share a few of my most memorable kitchen snafus with ya’ll.

*I once waaaaay overcooked a plate of taquitoes. Like went-up-in-flames overcooked. Like burnt the inside of the microwave to the extent that I had to throw the microwave away. Literally. (And, on one last note, I was unable to eat taquitoes for years after that.)

*I have actually boiled a pot of water dry. Not making light of this one, I know how dangerous that can be. Let’s just say that I now have a “no naps while cooking” policy.

*The first time I had Chris over to my house (it wasn’t a date, there was another person there) I burnt the garlic bread that he had brought over. It wasn’t totally blackened, but it was very, very crunchy. And you know what? He totally ate it anyway. Bahaha!

*Three words: Hot. Tuna. Casserole. (*Gross!!!!)

*The crock-pot has probably supplied the most cooking horror stories. I once burned a pork roast so badly that Chris asked if it was some sort of illegal exotic meat. It looked that weird.

If you are feeling sorry for my husband at this point, don’t. He knew what he was getting himself into! Check out this pick from 2008…we had only been dating for a few months, and I invited him over to cook for him. Judging by my attire, it was probably a Friday evening. If I remember correctly, he left the kitchen for a bit (probably to go fix something on my computer) and I got bored standing over the stove. So I got out my trusty lawn chair, poured myself a glass of grape juice (truly!), and settled in with a good magazine.

I don’t see anything wrong with this picture, do you? 😉

Hope you enjoy my installments of “The Kitchen Diaries” this week. As time marches on I’ll add more diary posts…send me a recipe and you never know, it might show up on here!


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