Farm Living is the Life for Me

So much to the shock and dismay (hehe…no, not really) of my family, I married a city boy. And not just any city boy…a northener. Some would go so far as to say “a Yankee!”

(*He would not say that. He says Maryland was more on the neutral side.)

When he was a teenager, his family finally came to Jesus and moved to Texas. 😉 It was a hard move for their family…pretty much all they knew of Texas is what you see on tv (Chris really thought we all rode horses to school and wore cowboy hats. At all times.), and they were so far from their family and friends. To them, MW was a super small town (to me it was a pretty big town!) but that makes sense since they came from Baltimore.

Then, shortly after we started dating, Chris’ dad was transferred to Arizona for work. Another big move, another big city. His mom and younger sister joined his dad there about a year later. In the time since, Chris and I were married and moved into the Thompson family home, which has been a huge blessing for us.

Finally, in May, they had the opportunity to move back to Texas! (See, they weren’t born here, but they got here as fast as they could. Now just don’t leave!) Chris helped move them into their new place, and he came home gushing about how cool it was. (Yes. My husband gushes. Doesn’t yours?) The other thing that really sets it apart from anywhere else they’ve lived is that it’s pretty rural…so far out that they actually had quite a hard time getting internet access for the house.

This story is getting long, so let me get to the point. Last weekend we loaded up and headed east to a tiny little place near Tyler, TX. After a little negotiating, I talked the husband into leaving his main weapons at home and taking only his machete. Indeed. (He wanted to do a little exploring in the “wilderness” surrounding their house.) You can see it on top of his yellow bag. We also took a few board games with us, gathered Huxley’s necessities, and off we went!

We had a nice drive, and the closer we got to their house the more beautiful the scenery became. They are pretty far removed, definitely country living, and in addition to the beautiful trees and ponds, there are incredible homes to gawk at along the way. The house they are renting isn’t too shabby itself. Long front porch, side porch, sunroom, big bay window, clawfoot bathtub…pretty much my dream when I was a kid.

Our stay was so relaxing (minus trying to corral the 4 dogs we had between all of us!) and we really enjoyed just hanging out together. Debbie made a delicious bacon potato salad (which I’ll share with you next week!), we had s’mores, explored Tyler a bit, and in typical Thompson fashion…we played a couple of really obscure board games. They have the craziest collection of games; it definitely makes for an interesting time! We also stopped at a few really charming little spots (agh, where was my camera?!) like a home-grown vegetable stand with feed sack “curtains” and fresh-cut flowers in a watering can, among lots of yummy looking fruits and vegetables, and an awesome burger place. (Check out their website and stop in if you are ever in Mineola…East Texas Burger Company.)

Of course I enjoyed a little time rockin’ and readin’ and visitin’ on the front porch swing, ate some sweet watermelon, and enjoyed a few cool & peaceful walks with my little Huxley…all in all a great weekend.

In fact, everyone seemed pretty comfortable and relaxed…I just may convert them to country folk after all. *wink!*


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3 thoughts on “Farm Living is the Life for Me

  1. Just have one thing to say ~ 😉

    (We can’t wait for you to visit again!)

  2. Texas has my heart! I live close to Tyler, Tx in a wittle bitty city called Kilgore.

    Loved the blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I think I’ve heard of Kilgore, but haven’t been there before. Who knows where our explorations will take us though…maybe one day!


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