The Feeling Richer Effect

These days just get away from me so quickly…but today has been a good one, so I don’t mind. A three hour lunch catching up with the girls was just what I needed…and the nap I took this morning wasn’t so bad either.

Now that I’ve got a little spare time on my hands, I figure it’s the perfect chance to tell you about the little adventure Mom & I took last week…which all centers around “The Feeling Richer Effect.” 😉

Mom & I always enjoy traveling together and try to get away somewhere every summer. The idea for our trip this summer came back in March when a groupon appeared in my inbox for a hot-air balloon ride for two. Half jokingly I made a comment on facebook that I “wished someone would go with me, since riding in a hot-air balloon is on my bucket list…” and Mom said she would love to. Only she wasn’t joking! So we got our husbands to agree to send us however many feet in the air those things go and booked it before that baby was gone. I gotta admit, we both started getting nervous as that day approached…and we both coped by knowing as few details as possible and contemplating only “how fun!” it was going to be.

Since our trip was planned so quickly after school ended, we didn’t really have much of a plan in place. Things fell together at the last minute thanks to another Groupon and Expedia…we love those bargains! Mom ended up booking a night’s stay for us at The Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas for just at $100. It is a luxery hotel that boasts guests such as Queen Elizabeth ll, and it is a historical landmark as well.

When we first pulled up, we quickly realized that valet parking was the only option…which automatically made it super fancy in our book. 😉 It was so nice to have someone welcome us to the hotel, help us with our luggage, and take care of the pesky parking…definitely something I could get used to!  After checking in, a bellman delivered everything to our room and gave us his recommendations for nearby restaurants and services. (*I, in the meantime, was desperately trying to find dollar bills and looking up “tipping expectations” on my iPhone…these country girls didn’t think ahead on that one!)

 *Check out this artsy photo by Mom…she’s got a great eye!

The hotel was incredibly ornate and beautiful, as was our room. Being on the 17th floor, we had an amazing view of downtown Dallas. Can you see how we would be “feeling richer?” 😉

After relaxing for a bit, we got all dolled up and ready to go cash in another Groupon…this time for dinner at “Simply Fondue.” I’ve been before, but this was Mom’s first time, so I decided to treat her for her birthday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Simply Fondue…it’s pretty simple. 😉 There is a burner in the middle of your table, and you have 3 fondue courses. A cheese course, a meat course, and a dessert course. Each time a pot is placed on the burner, and you get to either dip your food in the cheese / chocolate or cook it in the hot oil. It’s not a quick meal, and it definitely has some of those “agh! How do you do this?!” moments…but it is really a lot of fun!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Once we were ready & reservations were made, we went downstairs and asked them to call a cab for us. Living big, right?

“How far is it?” they asked. // “Oh, only 3 miles?” // “Well then no need for a cab, we’ll send you in the towncar.”

Um. Excuse me.

The towncar?

So this is the point where we start acting like we get chauffered around in towncars all the time. Bahaha.

At one intersection I even thought this guy was like peering through our windows, trying to figure out who might be behind our tinted windows. Turns out he was probably trying to peer through our windows because about 3 cop cars were trying to make some sort of a bust just on the other side of us.  A girl can always dream though, right? 😉

But, back to the dinner. We had a great waiter, the food was delicious, and as always, the company was wonderful. What do you think, do we look alike?

The cheese course was delish (you can see it warming up in the pic above), and we absolutely *stuffed* ourselves on all the meat choices (below). Can’t even begin to say what our favs were…partly because it was all so good and partly because it all started running together!

 Despite being so, so full from all the yummy cheese and meat, we saved enough room for that chocolate fondue dessert. We went with the Kahlua Heath Crunch, and it was *glorious!* (Thank God for stretchy dresses!)

 After dinner we took that cab-ride back to the hotel, then settled in to our fancy-schmancy hotel to catch up on some rest. (Two elementary teachers. A few days after school let out. Don’t judge us.)

The next morning we rose to…rain. Lots and lots of rain. Even a little hail. Needless to say, our hot-air balloon adventure was canceled for the day. (No worries, it will be rescheduled!) We were a little bummed, but it was nothing a Starbucks and a little shopping couldn’t remedy.

And that’s where the “Feeling Richer Effect” came in. After leaving one of our shopping spots, I walked up to the car I thought was ours and started to try and get into the driver’s side. Of course I’m talking away, but stop when I notice that Mom isn’t coming near the car. “What are you doing?” I say.

“What are you doing?” she says…”That is not my car. That’s a Lexus.”

Oh. My bad.

We quickly located her camry (which is new and very nice, by the way…definetely not knocking the camry!) and sped away to more shopping before the Lexus owner could come yell at me. 😉

It’s always an adventure when we get together…love you Momma!


P.S. – By the time we made it back to MW we were too tired to cook, so we got the husby and went out to eat. Afterwards, I was talking and walking again. This time I tried to get into a Kia instead of the Camry. Slapped back to reality, no doubt. Bahaha…

P.S.S. – I’ve had some questions about my dress from FB friends. This isn’t the best picture of me since it looks like I’m missing a leg, but I wanted ya’ll to see the full dress. So fabulous, isn’t it?! (*Bealle’s!)

Go get one!

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