Pajama Day

Summer has already been rockin’ and rollin’ for this girl…today is actually the first day I’ve had all to myself, and I don’t plan on stepping even one little foot outside of this house. (Well, except to walk Huxley. But beyond that, I’m not leavin!)

Don’t get me wrong; I love spending time with my family & friends…and we’ve already had great adventures together this summer…

May 25th…Buh-bye school year!

25th – 27th…My mother and sister-in-law were in to visit new baby N, and between naps we went over for a little snuggle time ourselves! Debbie spoiled us with homemade yeast & cinnamon rolls, and even mowed our yard. Thanks again Debbie!

27th – 28th…My fav friend from HS came in to hang & give me an opportunity to spend some money. Gee thanks. *wink* No, really we had an awesome time catching up. She’s a city girl with lots of wild adventures & I’m the settled hometown girl whose biggest adventure is what I’m going to burn next for dinner. (In this case, it was splattered spaghetti sauce and burnt garlic bread.) Always love spending time with her!

29th – 31st…Mom came in and we went to the Big D for our girl trip. More coming on that adventure in a few days!

June 1st – 3rd…Chris, Hux, & I loaded up the car and made the trip down (over? up? My sense of direction is horrible.) to see his parents and sister in their new place. We are so happy to have them back in Texas, and they have an awesome house on a beautiful piece of land…so I see many more visits in our future.

3rd – 4th…Hux & I dropped off Chris, turned the car around, and met up with my Mom and brother to help him set up his new house. God has really worked out the details for him in this move, and Caleb has plans to really settle in and become a part of the community, so I’m excited to see how everything works out for him. Mom & I love setting up a new place and decorating, and if I say so myself, the feng shui in his new place is spot on. 😉

And that brings us to today. Pajama day.

The rest of this week will be filled with serious housecleaning, dentist appts, catching up with my girlfriends, grocery shopping, and training Huxley. (He needs a refresher course on manners.) Then I’ll be working a camp, making a trip to see my parents, and getting ready for our anniversary vacation. Gosh, it’s like I’ll blink and June will be over!

I’ve set a few summer goals for myself…when I have time to accomplish them, who knows. Maybe July will be a littel slower paced.

1. Learn how to “coupon” effectively. I don’t want to get all extreme-couponing here, just looking to make our grocery-budget stretch a little farther.

2. Create a recipe binder. Stole this idea from my mother-in-law (she didn’t even know she was giving me the idea, but she did!), and I think it would be very helpful in meal planning.

3. Train Huxley to have better “house manners.” He goes into this crazed frenzy of excitement around children, he likes to jump up on people, and he barks (a lot!) if he doesn’t have your attention. I love him, but he’s a dog…and I want the people who come into my home to be comfortable.

4. Develop a “running routine.” I shudder to even type that, but it is a free, accessible way to exercise and stay healthy…so I need to really give it a go.

Just typing those made me tired. Good thing today is pajama day, which requires me to accomplish…pretty much nothing. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Pajama Day

  1. I love the new look of your blog! And, no, I didn’t know I gave you the recipe binder idea. That binder was given to me as a wedding gift from my Aunt Cely (my mom’s sister). It only had about 4 hand written recipes in it, which I still have in that binder (37 years later). I would love to share any of the tired and true recipes from my grandmother or any I’ve done with you. Next time your here, take a look-see! Love you girlie!

  2. Hi Heather! I’m so glad to hear that you want to start a running routine. I was a runner for a long time until I was in an accident. I have been putting it off forever…excuse after excuse. I might need to join you this summer 🙂



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