Book Worm Love

With summertime just a few glorious days away, I’m definitely looking forward to a few of my summer hobbies…which pretty much include sleeping, crafting, and visiting with family and friends. Oh yes. And devouring as many books as I can get my hands on. I just love, love, love to read! So, before I get any further into this post…you’ve gotta help me out here. Leave me a comment & give me your best book recommendations…I’m starting to get my summer must-read list together!

If you find yourself with some spare time this summer, you can check out a post I’ve written about some of my fav book recommendations. Move Aside Oprah…

And (the goodies just keep on coming!) if you are a fellow bibliophile (aka – one who loves books) then you’ll get a kick out of this website I stumbled upon through pinterest…bookfessions!


Never a truer statement.


.on books

 I certainly can’t sign off on a post about book worms without recommending a few more for ya. Lately everything I’ve been reading has been more in the bible-study genre, so that’s where I’m coming from today.

*The Bible, specifically “The Message” version of the Bible. Not super for intense studying, but great for reading through the bible in a year. I’ve had a lot of fun reading familiar stories in a more modern way, and it’s really brought the Bible alive to me in a new way.

*Radical, by David Platt…I’ve talked about it before, I’ll talk about it again. If you are looking for something to make you think, to challenge you, to get you outside of your American Christian box then you definitely need to check out this book. I’m still chewin’ on it myself. 😉

*Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge…This book was given as a gift to my husby, but I stole it away for a bit to read it myself. Definite must read, whether you are male or female. As a wife, it gave me such insight into “all things manly” and challenged me to rethink some misconceptions I’ve had about dudes in general. It’s definitely one I’ll want to read again (maybe when my brain isn’t in this end-of-year funk)…and it even had a little something in there for me personally. It comes from the chapter “A Beauty to Rescue” and it ties in with so many other things I’ve been reading lately…”a woman who is living out her true design will be ‘valient, vulnerable, and scandelous.” Yowsa!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment fellow bookworms…I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on a book!


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3 thoughts on “Book Worm Love

  1. Anette

    I LOVE anything by Karen Kingsbury and Nicholas Sparks and I have lots of books you are welcome to borrow anytime…. just come over and grab some 😉

  2. Anette

    Oooo…. there is also a book called “Women Gone Wise In A World Gone Wild” That I read at church a while back and it was really good too 😀


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