Where’s my medal?!

If you’ve read my posts for any period of time, you’ve probably caught on that my athletic ability is somewhere between zilch and nada. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about how I peaked athletically my freshman year of high school, and how (by my senior year) I was getting dead. stinking. last. in every race I ran. Pretty pathetic really.

And yet, here I am, 27 years old…with a metabolism that seems to be catching up with me. In an effort to keep from going up another pant size, I’ve started trying to overcome my athletic woes with aerobics and zumba…and yes, even a little running.

In the words of my dad…”Who are you, and where is my daughter?”

Don’t worry Dad. I only run on Tuesdays. (And that’s the truth.)

So it’s kind of out of all that, and out of reading everyone’s facebook status’, the dream for participating in a 5K was born. Sometimes I can be a bit of a follower…and doesn’t it seem like everyone is doing 5k’s these days?!

BUT (and this is a big but…no pun intended) I didn’t go all crazy and feel the need to run in the first 5K I came across. Let’s not just lose our minds here people. Luckily for me, there was a relatively cheap “Project Graduation” 5K scheduled for this past weekend right here in good ol’ MW. It sounded like a good one to try out, and it was for a good cause, so I did what felt natural.

Tried to force others to join in on the torture fun.

I extended the invitation to our homegroup, but in the end only one of my sweet friends was able to come along. She was the perfect girl for the job though, because she brought her baby. Hello excuse to walk!

One of the husbands had expressed some interest in participating, so I decided to get Chris on board. Turns out it wasn’t that hard. He swears he doesn’t even remember me asking, and when I asked him to sign the waiver he said he didn’t even know what he was signing. That’ll teach him!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early. Chris grumbled and groaned and complained and moaned…but in a good natured sort of way.

The weather was beautiful, the company was fantastic, and the walk…wasn’t that bad at all. And hey, we didn’t even get dead last…a couple of giggly teenage girls stopped to text on their cell phones and we passed them. (Apparently after that they got lost and had to be picked up by the golf cart. Boo yah.) They did decide to go ahead and do the awards ceremony before we had finished…so it was a tad bit awkward to walk up around the one-hour mark when there was a dude that completed the course in 17 minutes, but what can ya do? 🙂

We’re walkin’ rock stars!

After finishing up and collecting all of our race goodies, I went home and settled in for a 4 hour nap. (Hey, don’t judge. Walking really took it out of me. *wink*) I don’t think my 5K career is over just quite yet…and who knows, maybe I’ll actually run a little bit of the next one. 😉


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