…life is just hard.

I know it was never promised to be fair, or easy, or in keeping with the natural order of things. In fact, with sin in the world we can expect trouble & pain & confusion.

Like what I feel when I think about the little 6 year old baby in my classroom who lost his father to a car accident this past weekend.

I just cannot even begin to process what this means for him; how this will change the course of his life forever. I can barely even form the words to pray for him…my mind just literally cannot work my way around it.

But, thank God, that’s where I can trust the Holy Spirit to step in. He is intervening for me in my cries for this little one, praying the words that I can’t even begin to pray. He will give me wisdom in these last few days of school to answer the questions of the other students in our room who have heard the news, to reach out to this child if he returns to school. He is working even now to calm my heart and put aside the questions bouncing around in my head…some thoughts aren’t meant to be answered here on earth.

Obviously this isn’t about me, so I invite you to join me in praying for this little guy and his family. God knows who they are, He knows the needs they have, and I trust that He can work good from such a sad situation.

Thank you in advance for lifting this family up…


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One thought on “Sometimes…

  1. I will certainly do so! Hope the week goes smoothly.


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