Thank God for Hometowns

Guess I’m just in a musical state of mind these days…don’t you just love how music can speak to your soul? I just got the new Carrie Underwood cd, and as always, I love it. One particular song really struck me. It’s called “Thank God for Hometowns”…

I’ve had two really great hometown experiences. The first was a little place near San Angelo…Miles, TX. We lived there from my toddler to pre-teen years, and I have a lot of really strong, fond memories of the life we built there as a young family. It was, and still is, a small farming community with good people and a brick road leading right through town. (At least I hope that brick road is still there…it added such charm!) Largely a Catholic community, for a long time I was one of only two little Baptist girls…what a sweet little church that was. Lots of older people to dote on Caleb and I, strong Christian influences to build the foundation of my faith, and a preacher’s family whom we loved. The school was small (similiar to where I teach now, K-12 on one campus) but again, I have a lot of great memories of teachers and friends and projects. One that jumps out is the year we learned how to two-step and waltz…which was a pretty important skill considering all the 4H dances & weddings we all attended. 🙂

Just honestly, too many memories for this one post. Those were very happy times for our family, both professionally for my parents and personally. When the time came for us to leave it was incredibly hard, and very bittersweet. What made it easier was knowing that we were moving back to where my parents were raised and where the majority of my family lived…good ol’ Bangs, TX.

That’s where I spent my Junior High and High School years, and where my family still lives today. It’s a bit bigger than Miles, but only has one stop light…so that should put it in perspective for ya. I had so many incredible experiences there as well, through both school and church, and was able to be involved in so many different activities. Again, just too much ground to cover in one post.

So what I will say is…seriously, thank God for hometowns. Chris teases me by saying that my voice gets a certain twang it in the closer we get to the city limit sign…and it’s basically true. I may not always act like I appreciate being from a small town, but when it comes down to it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is just a comfort and peace that comes from being home, where people know you and love you and want what is good for you. And in my case, a place where people know you, and your parents, and their parents, and their parents. 🙂

I feel pretty blessed to be a small town girl…if only everyone could be so blessed.

Have a good day loves.


Carrie Underwood

Thank God For Hometowns

Yesterday I got a call

Someone I didn’t know at all passed away
Mama said yeah you know him
You went to school with both his kids
They lived out on Prescott lane
She said you should’ve seen the line
Mrs. Johnson said to tell you hi

Last June my cousin tied the knot,
Didn’t know if I’d go or not
But I’m sure glad I did
It was a pretty good haul but worth the drive
I could feel myself come back to life
The closer that I’d get
First red light I rollded the windows down
Breathed it in and took a look around

Thank God for hometowns
First kisses and touchdowns
Thank God for the county lines that welcome you back in
When you were dying to get out
Thank God for Church pews
And all the faces that won’t forget you
And when you’re lost in this crazy world
You got somewhere to go and get found
Thank God for hometowns

I always find another piece of me
Walking down these old familiar streets

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