A Coupon for Your Thoughts…

There are just not enough hours in my evenings to accomplish everything I set out to do. Last night was one such night. 😛

BUT, in just 12 short days (which will actually feel like 12 never ending days) I will be footloose and studentfree. Maybe, just maybe, I can catch up on sleep and to-do’s and everything else that doesn’t get done once summer is here.

So today I’m keeping it very simple…and passing along a few coupons that I think you guys might enjoy. Use ’em or not, it’s up to you. But I definitely recommend ’em!

*Give your husband a shout out with a cute t-shirt…15% off this Mother’s Day weekend (well, actually today & tomorrow only…but it’s close!) http://www.union28.net/ enter promo code U28MOM15 or 20% off if you order two regularly priced items, promo code U28MOM20

*Medieval Times (so fun, right?!) Teacher Appreciation Month…50% off a regularly priced ticket! Use code 50TEACH @ http://www.medievaltimes.com/purchasetickets.aspx (Obviously you’ll need to be a teacher to use this one…just thought I’d throw that out there. *wink*)

*This last one isn’t a coupon, persay, but it is all about coupons. I’ve heard this site is incredibly helpful, and since one of my goals this summer is to learn to coupon & save a little moolah, I’ll definitely be trying it out this summer. Maybe you want to give it a go now… http://thepricematchreport.blogspot.com/ There is a small fee to subscribe, but she does a lot of work for ya!


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