Who Dunnit?

As promised (a few days ago…oops!), today is all about the “who dunnit?” murder mystery element of my Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

I’ve always thought one of these parties would be fun, but I’ve never had the right mix of people to try and pull one off. Until now. (Insert evil murder mystery laugh here…)

Luckily for me, I found a website that was ready to help! www.mymysteryparty.com Yep, “My Murder Mystery Party” had a Cinco de Mayo kit ready to go…all 92 pages of it. It was a bit more prep work upfront than I initially expected, lots of cutting…stuffing parts into envelopes…getting out information to the guests, etc.

Here’s how it goes down, in case you are ever interested in throwing a little murder mystery of your own…

The host gets the packet, assigns parts, and does all the prep work so that the rounds run smoothly. Assigning roles is the fun part…in my case a lot of the guy characters had similiarities to the guys attending the party. Most all of the girl characters were drama queens, which is not the case in my friends, but it made for a fun show anyway. In this particular mystery the characters were all knock-offs of “A-List Celebrities”…I was Taylan Swift, for example. Other characters included: Zangelina Jolie, Barie Drewmore, Paul Paratzy (get it? papparazi?! haha!) and Phil Werrell.

The guests have a pre-game activity they can do (in my case, some did / some didn’t) and information letting them know what their role is and giving them ideas about how to dress / act / etc.

I think most of my guests would admit that they were a little (or more than a little) nervous about this whole ordeal. What to wear? How to act? Is everyone going to get into this? Even I was nervous, and I was the one who started everything! 😉

But I’ve definitely gotta give it to them…I’ve got a great group of friends! These guys and gals came dressed up (some even did research on the character, some had props, and some had personalities as big as Texas!) and gave it a try without grumbling or rolling their eyes. Each round I passed out envelopes containing information on what clues a character should / should not reveal, conversations they should have with other characters, and even things they should act out during that round. All it took was a couple of girls getting into their roles & then we were rollin!

It became obvious pretty quickly who the victim of the party would be…mostly because everyone hated her. (The character, no the actual girl.) She was a sport, even though we trashed talked her character and were rude to her most of the night…until she was ultimately “offed” by poisoneous spiders planted by the killer. Scandelous!

Round 1 – It’s all about laying the ground work. Establishing characters, making connections, learning who likes who and who hates who.

Round 2 – The murder round. Pre-murder is all about characters revealing what motive they might have for killing the victim. There’s a lot of conspiring going on, a lot of raised eyebrows, and plenty of suspicion!

*Enter victim staggering in with spiders pinned all over her shirt. (Directions were given in her envelope as to when / where to look for her murder equipment.)

Post-murder is where the guests mull over and debate who they think the killer is and what their motive would be. Each guest makes their decision and shares it with the group. (Funny note…there is even forensic evidence to consider!)

Round 3 – Each character reads pre-written information explaining why he/she wanted to kill the victim, but didn’t.

All the characters, of course, but one. This person reveals why he (or in our case, SHE) murdered the victim, how, and a brief game is played to see if the murderer gets away or not.

Funny enough, our murderer was not who most people predicted. It was “Raquel Bilson,” a kleptomaniac who liked to steal things & ultimately had a taste for murder. The best part was right at the end of the game, when she opened the little bag she’d been carrying around and returned all the items she had “stolen” throughout the course of the game. She was scarily good at it, I must say.

Overall I think everyone would say they enjoyed trying something new, and it definitely added a fun element to the party. You should keep it in mind…the website I referenced above has murder mystery parties for everything under the sun, whether you are looking to host an adult, teen, or child’s party! Yay!


P.S. – Most memorable moment? When “Zangelina Jolie” pulled out her folded wallet and showed me a picture of the *ahem* beautiful North Korean baby she was hoping to adopt next. I could not help but to bust out laughing…wasn’t expecting this particular picture! 😉

Bahaha…Happy Wednesday friends!

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One thought on “Who Dunnit?

  1. Okay, so I’m thinking that maybe I should just let you roll with planning Elizabeth’s graduation party and then just have you tell me how much you spent! You’re up for that, right?!?!?! Can’t wait to have this party for her, and am excited that I have such a talented daughter-in-law to help me plan it! See ya soon! HUGS ~


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