Give blood. Get a shirt. Make it cute.

Or that was the idea anyway.

The First Methodist church in M-dub always puts out these cut little pink lady cutouts around town to remind everyone about their blood donation drives. I generally look at them and think…gee, I really should go donate blood. And then I generally get busy and forget.

Sad, but true.

But this past Sunday, after seeing that Pink Lady cutout on my way to church…and after hearing my husband tell a new friend about the car wreck he had about 10 years ago in which he received a blood transfusion, I realized how thankful I was that someone had been willing to donate the blood that Chris ultimately received.

So it was decided…and that’s how I ended up answering all the bazillions of questions that you have to answer before giving blood on Monday afternoon. I’m not a big fan of watching the needle / pint of blood drain out (even though my tech was really great) so I opted instead to sit quietly, look out the window at the peaceful garden, and try to focus on praying for the person/persons who will receive the blood I was donating.

Before I knew it my arm was wrapped up, I had cookies in my hand, and the sweet older gentleman at the “canteen” was handing me a spiffy new t-shirt. Immediately I was thinking “SCORE! I’ve got a great new Pinterest idea to test out!” (I know. Such saintly thoughts of me right? 😛 )

After rehydrating / eating a hearty meal / not working out (all those things they tell you to do / not to do) I set to work on my “DIY tank top” from my sweet new t-shirt.

This is what the completed product was supposed to look like…

And this is what it looked like after I gave it a go…

Ugh. Another pinterest idea bites the dust. I’m placing blame on a) the size of the shirt, and b) my regular old dull scissors. Either way, it obviously didn’t work.

At least it wasn’t food this time.

*Note: that is my bandage…I’m not wearing a wrist band on my elbow or anything. I may be cool, but I’m not that cool.

(And by cool, I mean a dork.)


P.S. – If you are interested in making a DIY tank, or if you are interested in making me a DIY tank, then check out this link!

P.S.S. – I had a few questions about donating blood…maybe you do to. Find the answers you are looking for and more at

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3 thoughts on “Give blood. Get a shirt. Make it cute.

  1. We’ll have to work on getting you a new pair of “good” fabric scissors. Now, what size was the T-shirt? I think it will only work as good as the picture if you have the right size T-shirt (or make a size smaller, as T-shirt material tends to be stretch-y). I didn’t see any “hint hint’s”, if you’re my mother-in-law, etc, but when I get there, maybe we can try it again.

    Looking forward to seeing you again, sweetheart! Love you and HUGS!

  2. rachelweeks5

    Thanks for giving blood and for the mention! It looks like your shirt was pretty big. I encourage you to give it another go.


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