Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Ole, Ole…Ole, Ole! Not much gets me more excited than a good reason to throw a party. Cinco de Mayo seemed like the perfect chance to get together all the amigos from our homegroup to eat way too much & have some fun. I definitely can go a little loco with the party planning, so I tried not to overspend or go too overboard. Instead I settled on 13 grownups, 2 kiddos, 2 toddlers, and a wee babe / a murder mystery / Pin the Tail on the Donkey / pinata / taco bar / e-invites / salsa contest / sombrero contest. Luckily for me all my guests were good sports and played right along!

Gotta love a good burro pinata!

I’m definitely feelin’ Instagram…doesn’t this effect look cool? 😉

My sombrero! It didn’t win, but it’s hard to beat a sombrero covered with photos of cats wearing sombreros. Ha!

How much more perfect could this sign be for me?!

Trophies for the winning salsa & sombrero…thanks Target Dollar Aisle!

 Silverware wrapped up like tamales!

 Yum…lots of fresh ingrediants for our taco bar!

 Seating was a little cramped, but we made it work!

Of course I had to make coordinating banners…

 And I got so busy with my hostly duties that I almost didn’t get a picture of the salsa bar. :I Looks a little messy now, but the general idea was to try all the salsa & use a pepper to cast your vote in one of the glass tubes. It was close, but the sweet fruit salsa with cinnamon chips won!

Several of the guests got into the spirit by dressing up in the Cinco de Mayo finest (I wore my old chaquita banana lady costume!) and even the party cups sported a big ol’ stache! (Wish I would have gotten a picture of that one!)

In addition to the salsa & taco bars, we snacked on queso & guacamole, then enjoyed tres leches cake, cinnamon chips, fruit salsa, & vanilla ice cream for dessert. More tomorrow on the murder mystery fun…


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One thought on “Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

  1. Caleb

    Haha sounds like this party was fun!!


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