Marriage is for Losers

Hey guys!

First of all, can I just say…17 more days! 17 more days until summer!!

Whew. I think I can make it. Think being the operative word.

Busy week with regular life & prepping for my Cinco de Mayo party this weekend, so I thought I’d pass along an awesome blog post from Dr. Kelly Flanagan. It’s called “Marriage is for Losers,” and it was passed along to me at the “Love and Respect” class I’m attending on Wednesday nights.

Check it out here…

Happy reading & happy Thursday!


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One thought on “Marriage is for Losers

  1. Alexis

    17 days till summer, when do ya’ll get out? June 1 for me and it cannot get here fast enough! and I am taking 2 days off for a family wedding, so really 18 days for me!
    this has been the year from h*$#!!!!!!!!


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