Zumba: Initial Reaction

This was an off week for aerobics & my rockin’ friend K and I have been wanting to try out Zumba for a while…so I did a little research, found a Zumba class in town, and we were all set.

Here’s how it went down…

At first I was like: “Woohoo! Zumba!”

And then she was like: “AGH Zumba!”

And then I was like: “Eh…shouldn’t have had that banana smoothie a few minutes ago…”

And then were were both like: “BAHAHA” and “What the?!” and “ARRRIBA!”

And then, in the end, we were like “Ugh. Groan. Whew….that was FUN!”


Enough of that. 😉 We were definitely nervous to try it out, despite killing ourselves at aerobics every week. When we arrived, the studio was much smaller than I expected, but definitely cute…and the instructor seemed a little quirky and fun. All in all, I couldn’t get that Richard Gere movie out of my head. You know the one…”Shall We Dance?”

In the movie he finds this hole in the wall dance studio ran by an eccentric dance teacher called “Miss Mitzi.” The class is full of oddballs, no one with particular dance skills. <Note: I am not applying this story to anyone else in the class…they were quite good at the latin moves!> And they just end up dancing their hearts out and having the time of their lives…

So that’s pretty much what we did. Danced our little hearts out, sweated out a whole lotta fat (hopefully…that’s what I’m going with anyway!), and laughed a WHOLE lot. I really, really had fun. Looked ridiculous the whole time, but shook those hips like my milkshake really does bring all the boys to the yard. Bahahaha….

I’m definitely going back next Monday, but in the meantime, I’d say that’s a pretty good start to my “Cinco de Mayo” week! 😉


P.S. – Remember my arch-nemesis from aerobics? The girl who works out with her baby?! Well there’s another lady who kicks my butt at aerobics every time (she’s probably double my age and twice as hardcore about working out) and wouldn’t ya know, she showed up at Zumba too! She danced circles around me (yes, literally!) and got all the moves super fast. Gah. On top of all that, she seems really sweet.

Don’t you just hate that?! *wink*

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